Berghaus Hydroshell™

Brand new from Berghaus, Hydroshell™ is an exclusive waterproof technology, guaranteed to keep you drier for longer whatever the conditions. Designed for life, its durable 100% water resistant outer layer will keep you dry without the need for constant reproofing, plus each item comes complete with Berghaus’ lifetime guarantee.


Optimised for every level of exertion, Hydroshell™ features a breathable lining, which allows excess heat generated by your body to escape, preventing overheating. Meanwhile, a silver ion Argentium® baselayer helps to keep your kit smelling fresh and prevents the garment from sticking to your skin.

Berghaus Hydroshell™ Technology

A revolutionary combination of breathable fabric, Argentium® odour resistant technology and a 100% waterproof outer layer.

Key Features

Repels Water: Hydroshell™ keeps 100% of moisture from penetrating your clothing, plus its durable design means you won’t need to reproof your kit often. 

Resists Odour: Berghaus’ exclusive silver ion baselayer technology, Argentium®, prevents odour from developing, and keeps the garment from becoming stuck to your skin.

Lets Skin Breathe: Suitable for the most strenuous outdoor activity, Hydroshell™ prevents excess heat and perspiration from raising your body temperature, keeping you cool all day long.

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