Men's Softshell Jackets (207 Products)

Layer up or down with our wide range of highly versatile softshell jackets perfect for multiple activities in the outdoors.

The North Face

Mens Nimble Hoodie

Mens Nimble Hoodie £ 50 OFF

WAS: £110.00

NOW: £60.00


Mens Skogsö Jacket

Mens Skogsö Jacket overlay empty
Deep Red Dark Grey Dark Navy Dark Olive

WAS: £180.00

NOW FROM: £119.00

The North Face

Mens Xerxes Jacket

Mens Xerxes Jacket £ 45 OFF

RRP: £130.00

NOW: £85.00

The North Face

Mens Ceresio Jacket

Mens Ceresio Jacket Save £30

RRP: £90.00

NOW: £59.00


Mens Vapour-rise Alpine Jacket

Mens Vapour-rise Alpine Jacket Save £40

WAS: £140.00

NOW: £99.00


Mens Sabretooth Jacket

Mens Sabretooth Jacket Save £55

WAS: £175.00

NOW: £119.00


Mens Sunderland Softshell Jacket

Mens Sunderland Softshell Jacket half price
Petrol Deep Red Black

WAS: £75.00

NOW FROM: £37.50


Mens Neilson III Softshell

Mens Neilson III Softshell £ 15 OFF

WAS: £55.00

NOW: £40.00


Mens Northbank II Jacket

Mens Northbank II Jacket new offer
Oxford Blue Black

WAS: £45.00

NOW: £35.00


Mens Nebraska Jacket

Mens Nebraska Jacket overlay empty

WAS: £45.00

NOW: £22.50

The North Face

Mens Kilowatt Jacket

Mens Kilowatt Jacket Save £30

WAS: £110.00

NOW: £79.00


Mens Degan Jacket

Mens Degan Jacket half price

WAS: £50.00

NOW: £25.00


Mens Dyno Stretch Jacket

Mens Dyno Stretch Jacket £ 25 OFF
Antarctic Blue/Antarctic Blue and Tangerine Zips Black

WAS: £110.00

NOW FROM: £85.00