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Arc'teryx Materials: Innovations That Matter

Arc'teryx, founded in 1989 in North Vancouver, Canada, has consistently pushed the boundaries of outdoor gear design. Their journey began with a focus on rock climbing gear but soon expanded into apparel, including jackets. The brand's name is derived from Archaeopteryx lithographica, one of the earliest known birds, symbolising their commitment to evolution and innovation. Arc'teryx jackets are renowned for their exceptional quality, performance, and innovative design. They are crafted using advanced materials that are both durable and performance-driven. Understanding these materials is crucial in choosing the right jacket for your needs.



Arc'teryx, a brand synonymous with cutting-edge outdoor gear, consistently integrates high-performance materials into their products. Among these materials, GORE-TEX® stands out as a cornerstone in the design of their jackets. The primary hallmark of GORE-TEX® technology is its exceptional waterproofing capability. This is made possible by a highly engineered membrane at the heart of the fabric. This membrane is composed of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE), which is a material known for its remarkable impermeability to water. The ePTFE membrane consists of billions of microscopic pores per square inch. These pores are approximately 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, making it impossible for water to penetrate from the outside. Arc'teryx jackets featuring GORE-TEX® technology are rigorously tested to meet the brand's high standards for waterproof performance. The seams are sealed with waterproof tape, and the zippers are treated to prevent water ingress. In addition to its waterproof prowess, GORE-TEX® provides an unyielding barrier against wind. Wind can be a formidable adversary when you're outdoors, sapping your body heat and reducing your comfort. GORE-TEX®'s tightly woven structure effectively blocks the wind's penetration, maintaining your warmth and comfort. The windproof feature of GORE-TEX® is particularly vital during activities like skiing, mountaineering, or hiking, where exposure to gusty winds can be a constant challenge. Arc'teryx's choice of GORE-TEX® ensures that your jacket serves as an impervious shield, allowing you to focus on your adventure without being hampered by the chilling effects of the wind.


GORE-TEX® is designed to work in synergy with your body's temperature regulation. It adapts to varying temperatures and activity levels, opening up its pores when more breathability is required and closing them when protection from external elements is paramount. This dynamic response ensures that you remain comfortable across a wide range of conditions and activities. Arc'teryx's commitment to quality is reflected in their choice of GORE-TEX® materials. These fabrics are known for their durability and longevity. They are built to withstand the rigours of outdoor adventures, from rugged hikes to extreme alpine expeditions. GORE-TEX® fabrics are abrasion-resistant and capable of withstanding repeated wear and tear. This durability ensures that your Arc'teryx jacket maintains its performance and protection over the long term, even with regular use in challenging environments.



Arc'teryx has developed a proprietary insulation technology known as Coreloft™. This insulation material is engineered to excel in a variety of outdoor environments, offering a unique set of characteristics that cater to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts. One of the most remarkable features of Coreloft™ insulation is its exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio. This characteristic is fundamental for outdoor enthusiasts who require insulation that provides substantial warmth without adding unnecessary bulk or weight to their gear. At its core, Coreloft™ is designed to trap warm air efficiently, creating a barrier that prevents heat loss. The insulation is carefully engineered to maximise its loft, which is crucial for heat retention. Despite its lofty nature, Coreloft™ remains impressively lightweight, making it a fantastic choice for activities where mobility and agility are paramount. The key to this lightweight warmth lies in the unique structure of Coreloft™ fibres. These fibres are highly durable yet incredibly fine, allowing for a high density of air pockets within the insulation. These air pockets effectively trap warm air generated by your body, creating an efficient barrier against the cold. This results in a warmth-to-weight ratio that outperforms many other insulation materials on the market. While warmth is a priority, moisture management is equally crucial when it comes to insulation. Sweating during physical activities is natural, and an effective insulation material must be able to wick moisture away from the body to maintain comfort.


Coreloft™ excels in this regard with its exceptional breathability. It allows the moisture vapour produced by your body, such as sweat, to escape through the fabric. This breathability is achieved through a combination of the insulation's structure and the choice of materials. The result is that you can stay dry and comfortable, even during intense physical exertion. Additionally, Coreloft™'s moisture resistance is a standout feature. Unlike some insulation materials that lose their insulating properties when exposed to moisture, Coreloft™ retains its loft and warmth even in wet conditions. This is a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts who may encounter unexpected rain, snow, or damp conditions during their adventures. It ensures that your gear remains effective in a wide range of weather scenarios, making Coreloft™ insulation a reliable choice for year-round outdoor activities. Coreloft™ insulation is known for its versatility and durability. It's commonly used in a variety of outdoor apparel, including jackets, vests, and pants. This versatility stems from its ability to perform well in different outdoor environments, whether you're hiking, skiing, climbing or simply enjoying the outdoors in colder weather. Moreover, Coreloft™ is highly resilient, maintaining its loft and insulation properties even after extended use and repeated compressions. This durability ensures that your gear remains effective and long-lasting, making it a worthwhile investment for outdoor enthusiasts who demand gear that can stand up to the rigours of their adventures.


Down Insulation

Another material that plays a pivotal role in their jackets is down insulation. Down is celebrated for its exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio, compressibility, and resilience in cold conditions. Down is derived from the soft, fluffy plumage found beneath the feathers of waterfowl, typically ducks and geese. It consists of thousands of tiny, interlocking filaments that create a three-dimensional structure. This structure efficiently traps warm air, serving as an excellent insulator. The result is a high level of warmth provided by relatively little material, making down insulation exceptionally lightweight compared to many synthetic alternatives. This lightweight warmth is particularly valuable for outdoor activities where mobility and agility are vital. Arc'teryx jackets featuring down insulation allow you to move freely without feeling encumbered by heavy layers, ensuring that you remain comfortable and agile in cold weather. Another noteworthy characteristic of down insulation is its compressibility and packability. Due to the natural loft of down clusters, down-insulated jackets can be easily compressed into a compact size. This is advantageous for outdoor enthusiasts who need to stow their jackets in a backpack when not in use or during travel. The inherent compressibility of down insulation means that you can carry your warmth with you without adding unnecessary bulk to your gear. Whether you're embarking on a multi-day hiking expedition or simply need to bring an extra layer for unpredictable weather, down-insulated jackets from Arc'teryx are designed to be conveniently portable. 


Down insulation is also known for its resilience in cold conditions. It excels at retaining heat even in sub-zero temperatures, making it an ideal choice for activities like skiing, mountaineering, and winter hiking. When the mercury drops, down insulation maintains its loft, which is crucial for heat retention. Unlike some synthetic insulations that may become less effective in extreme cold, down continues to provide reliable warmth, ensuring that you remain comfortable and protected in harsh winter environments. While down is primarily recognised for its warmth, it also offers breathability, although to a lesser extent than some synthetic materials. Down-insulated jackets from Arc'teryx are designed to strike a balance between insulation and breathability, ensuring that you stay comfortable during activities that generate body heat. The natural loft of down clusters creates small air pockets that allow moisture vapour, such as sweat, to escape. This breathability prevents the accumulation of moisture on the inside of your jacket, contributing to your overall comfort.


Styles and Types of Arc'teryx Jackets

Arc'teryx offers a wide range of jacket styles to suit various activities and conditions:


Hardshell Jackets

Arc'teryx hardshell jackets are engineered with precision to offer a range of features that cater to the demands of outdoor activities. Many of Arc'teryx's hardshell jackets feature a Durable water-repellent (DWR) finish on their outer layers. This treatment causes water to bead up and roll off the fabric, preventing it from saturating and maintaining breathability even in wet conditions. They feature articulated patterning and gusseted underarms, ensuring that you can move freely and without restriction, whether you're climbing, hiking, or skiing. Some models of Arc'teryx hardshell jackets are equipped with helmet-compatible hoods. The  StormHood™ design ensures full coverage and protection without sacrificing visibility, making it ideal for activities that require a helmet. To enhance the overall waterproof capabilities of their jackets, Arc'teryx incorporates high-quality, WaterTight™ zippers. These zippers are designed to prevent any water seepage through the jacket's closure points, ensuring that you stay dry even in the heaviest downpours. For added ventilation during strenuous activities or when the temperature rises, many hardshell jackets from Arc'teryx are equipped with pit zips. These strategically placed zippers allow you to regulate your body temperature by increasing airflow.


Softshell Jackets

Arc'teryx softshell jackets are designed to provide protection and comfort during active outdoor pursuits. While not fully waterproof like hardshell jackets, softshells offer excellent water resistance, making them suitable for light rain or snow. Many Arc'teryx softshell jackets incorporate stretch fabrics such as the Fortius™ series. These materials provide superb freedom of movement, allowing you to perform at your best. Arc'teryx's softshells are built with articulated patterning and gusseted underarms. This ensures that you can move without restriction, whether you're climbing, hiking, or skiing. Softshells are versatile, serving as excellent mid-layer options in cold weather or as outer layers in milder conditions.  Softshell fabrics offer good wind resistance, keeping you comfortable in gusty conditions. Arc'teryx is known for pushing the envelope in technical innovation, and its softshell jackets reflect this commitment. Many Arc'teryx softshell jackets are treated with a DWR finish. This causes water to bead up and roll off the fabric, ensuring that it remains water-resistant even in wet conditions. Arc'teryx's proprietary Fortius™ fabric series is known for its exceptional stretch and durability. It's a favourite choice for softshell construction. Some softshell models feature Arc'teryx's StormHood™ design, offering full coverage and protection without compromising visibility. Arc'teryx's dynamic fit ensures that its softshell jackets are designed to move with your body, providing freedom of movement during demanding activities. In certain models, breathable panels are strategically placed to enhance ventilation, ensuring that you remain comfortable during exertion.


Insulated Jackets

Arc'teryx insulated jackets are engineered with precision to offer a range of features that cater to the demands of cold-weather activities. Insulated jackets are designed to provide outstanding warmth in sub-zero temperatures. This is achieved through the use of high-quality insulation materials like down or synthetic fills. Arc'teryx prioritises lightweight construction in their insulated jackets. This ensures that you stay warm without being weighed down by excessive bulk. Insulated jackets are designed to be highly compressible, allowing you to pack them easily into your backpack for on-the-go warmth when needed. These jackets are versatile and can be used as standalone outer layers or as mid-layers in extreme cold. Arc'teryx's attention to detail includes an articulated fit to allow for unrestricted movement, ensuring that you can stay active in the cold. Insulated jackets are often treated with a DWR finish to repel moisture, ensuring that the insulation retains its warmth even in damp conditions. Arc'teryx employs innovative construction techniques to distribute insulation effectively, preventing cold spots and maximising warmth. In select models, helmet-compatible hoods provide additional protection and warmth for extreme conditions.


Arc'teryx jackets represent the pinnacle of outdoor gear technology and design. Whether you're exploring the wilderness, hitting the slopes, or just braving the winter chill in the city, there's an Arc'teryx jacket tailored to your needs. By understanding the brand's history, craftsmanship, materials, styles, sizing, and care, you're well-equipped to make an informed choice and invest in a jacket that will keep you comfortable and protected in any adventure. So, gear up and embrace the outdoors with confidence in an Arc'teryx jacket that's as tough as you are.


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