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About deuter

The company was founded in 1898 in Germany by Hans deuter and to this day they remain a market leader in the industry, pioneering premium outdoor equipment for over 115 years.  They manufacture top-quality backpacks, sleeping bags and outdoor gear for sports enthusiasts and families. Outdoor sports are at the heart of deuter.

deuter include athletes and guides into the product development process to ensure an ongoing improvement, every team member is active and loves the outdoors. In 2006, they introduced the SL family – this line includes packs and sleeping bags designed to fit every need of a woman. Created by women for women. 2009 saw the introduction of the EL models so that tall people can enjoy a perfect fit with extended back lengths by 6 - 9 cm.

They have a clear set goal to reduce the negative impact of their actions on man and nature and every step of their journey is committed to environmental and social responsibility.

Many of deuter’s new packs are Climate Neutral - meaning they have reduced as much of the carbon emission as possible from the manufacturing process.

Any unavoidable emissions from the manufacturing and transportation of their Climate Neutral packs are offset through compensation schemes.