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About Jack Wolfskin

Jack Wolfskin are at home outdoors. There’s nowhere they’d rather be. The vastness attracts them, time sustains them. They are on a quest for experiences, not peak performance.


Jack Wolfskin are guided by their passion to develop exceptional products and driven by new ideas. They are fully committed to functionality. Their products are designed to protect, keep you warm and dry, whilst being comfortable and reliable and lasting for many years. No detail is too small for Jack Wolfskin to improve upon.


They respect the diversity of nature and all living things. Earth is simply the most beautiful place in the universe and we only have this one. They do everything they can to protect it and they want to experience it and share it with others.


Jack Wolfskin

Discover the ultimate outdoor experience with our Jack Wolfskin collection , designed to keep you comfortable and protected in any adventure. Jack Wolfskin jackets and coats are crafted with cutting-edge materials, offering unparalleled warmth, breathability, and water resistance. Whether you're trekking through the mountains or exploring the city, Jack Wolfskin walking boots and shoes provide exceptional support and traction, ensuring your feet stay secure and comfortable all day long.


For warmer weather, Jack Wolfskin's lightweight and quick-drying shorts and shirts are perfect for active pursuits, while their innovative skorts combine the freedom of shorts with the coverage of a skirt. And don't forget about the little adventurers – our Jack Wolfskin kids' collection features durable, functional clothing that will keep them happy and protected as they explore the great outdoors.


From quickdry t-shirts to high-performance outerwear, every piece in the Jack Wolfskin collection is engineered with the latest technologies and thoughtful design features. With a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, you can feel good about your choice in outdoor apparel. Trust Jack Wolfskin to be your reliable companion on every journey, big or small. Experience the difference of premium quality and uncompromising performance with our collection today.

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