Two people in Jack Wolfskin gear standing by the lake among mountains that are covered by trees and snow.
Top 5 Jack Wolfskin Products
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Man and woman wearing Jack Wolfskin gear, sitting outdoors by the fire.
People wearing Jack Wolfskin gear by the river in a city

About Jack Wolfskin

Jack Wolfskin is among the leading providers of functional outdoor apparel, footwear and equipment in Europe. The fundamental idea behind all Jack Wolfskin products is to combine the best possible functionality with great comfort.


Since 1981 we have been inspiring people to seek adventure, to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors and to explore the natural world. We are outdoor pioneers of the first order and we make outdoor products you can rely on. Our products give you mastery of all weathers and the freedom and independence you need to make the outdoors your home. Whatever the outdoors means to you, with JACK WOLFSKIN there are no limits to what you can do. See you outdoors.

A couple laughing wearing warm Jack Wolfskin gear