For outdoor enthusiasts looking for high performance clothing and gear, Montane is one of the most well-respected brands. Founded in 1993 and based in the Peak District National Park of the UK, Montane has built a reputation for creating innovative and technical mountaineering apparel that excels in harsh alpine environments.

In this detailed guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about Montane products - from fabric technologies and sustainability, to activity-specific recommendations and reviews.


About Montane - A Leading British Outdoor Clothing Brand


Montane pride themselves on being a performance mountain wear brand, designing products that are 'built for the mountain, but worn every day'. Their clothing and equipment is engineered for the harshest alpine and polar environments, undergoing thorough R&D and field testing to ensure it meets the high demands of mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Key features of Montane clothing and gear include:

  • Lightweight - Products use ultra-light and breathable Pertex fabrics, minimising weight while providing protection.
  • Weather Protection - Windproof, waterproof and breathable technologies such as GORE-TEX provide reliable protection in stormy conditions.
  • Packability - Garments can be compressed down small to maximise pack space for multi-day hikes or climbs.
  • Breathability - Innovative designs and air permeable materials prevent overheating and condensation build up during vigorous activity.
  • Durability - Hardwearing fabrics stand up to years of use and abuse in harsh mountain terrains.
  • Insulation - Down and synthetic insulated jackets retain warmth even when wet. Premium fill power down to 900+ cuin provides maximum warmth-to-weight ratio.
  • Technical Details - Every product has been meticulously designed and tested for mountaineering performance, with details like adjustable hoods, harness-compatible pockets, reinforced elbows, gaiters and more.


Sustainability and Social Responsibility


Montane have committed to more sustainable and ethical practices. They aim to reduce impacts across their supply chain, from sourcing bluesign® approved fabrics, to using renewable energy in production.

As a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, Montane ensures fair working conditions in factories. Products are created by expert craftspeople in Europe from high quality materials.

Montane also offers a free repair service to extend the life of products. Damaged clothing and gear can be repaired by their technicians in the UK.



Montane Clothing for Men and Women


Montane cater for both men and women with well designed outdoor apparel. Options include:


Insulated Jackets

  • Down Jackets - Premium goose down insulation offers ultralight warmth, like the iconic Montane Featherlite Down Jacket laden with 750+ fill power goose down.
  • Synthetic Jackets - PrimaLoft synthetic insulation maintains warmth even when wet, as seen on the Montane Icarus Jacket. Ideal as an outer layer or midlayer.

Waterproof Jackets and Pants

  • GORE-TEX Jackets - Highly breathable waterproof protection for the worst conditions, like the 3-layer GORE-TEX shell of the Montane Minimus Stretch Ultra Jacket.
  • GORE-TEX Pro Shells - Bomber mountaineering shells with advanced 4-way stretch, such as the Montane Alpine Pro Jacket.
  • Pertex Shield Jackets - Ultralight 2.5 layer waterproof breathables, like the Montane Flux Jacket, perfect for fast and light adventures.
  • Waterproof Pants - Essential protection for legs, such as the durable and breathable Montane Pac Plus Pants.


  • Merino Wool - Itch-free merino baselayers that are naturally odour resistant and moisture wicking, like the Montane PrimaLoft Silverline Base Layer.
  • Synthetic - Quick drying and breathable options like the Montane Prism Zip Neck baselayer.

Fleeces and Fleece Jackets

  • Lightweight - Highly breathable fleeces for aerobic activity, such as the Pertex Quantum Pro fabric Polar Plus Fleece Pullover.
  • Midweight - All-round versatile fleeces like the Montane Prism Fleece for warmth during cool pursuits like hiking or climbing.
  • Heavyweight - Maximum insulation to layer under shells in frigid conditions, like the Montane Extreme Jacket stuffed with Polartec 300 fleece.

Technical Tops

  • Windshirts - Lightweight wind-resistant layering like the Pertex Quantum GL Windshirt to block windchill without overheating.
  • Softshells - Stretchy and breathable softshell jackets like the Montane Cobra offer weather resistance during high exertion activities where condensation can build.

Trekking Gear

  • Footwear - Light hikers like the Terra Mountain trail shoe provide grippy soles and support for hiking with medium loads up to 15kg.
  • Packs - Tough backpacks built for alpine and expedition use, such as the fully featured Cobra 25-70 Rucksack made with robust fabrics.
  • Sleeping Bags - Premium quality down sleeping bags purpose-built for mountaineering, like the -21°C Featherlite Down Sleeping Bag stuffed with 900+ fill power down.


Montane Clothing Layering System


A key to staying comfortable on the trails and mountains is using a layered clothing system. Montane products are designed with layering in mind. Here's how it works:


Base Layer - This first layer worn next to skin should be a moisture wicking merino wool or synthetic material to keep you dry. Montane's merino and synthetic long sleeve baselayers are perfect.

Mid Layer - The mid layer provides insulation to retain body heat. Fleeces like the Montane Prism Fleece work well, or synthetic insulated jackets.

Shell Layer - The outer shell layer shields you from precipitation, wind and abrasion. Montane's waterproof hardshell GORE-TEX jackets are ideal for this role.

Insulation Layer - On cold pursuits, an extra insulated down or synthetic jacket, vest or gilet can be worn underneath or over your shell layer for added warmth.


Adjust your layers to avoid getting too hot and sweaty or dangerously cold. Ventilation and breathability are key - that's why Montane products use technical fabrics engineered for airflow.



Using Montane Gear for Different Outdoor Activities


Montane apparel and gear is specially designed with features to support particular outdoor activities. Here are recommendations on using products by activity:


Hiking and Trekking

For multi-day hikes and treks with larger loads, you'll need hardwearing and protective clothing:

  • Waterproof Jacket - A 3-layer GORE-TEX hardshell like the Montane Minimus Stretch Ultra is ideal to keep out wind and rain for hours on end.
  • Insulated Jacket - Pack an insulated jacket for cold mornings and nights like the Montane Prism Jacket loaded with 40g PrimaLoft insulation.
  • Fleece - Bring a midweight fleece like the Montane Allez Micro Hoodie for insulation when resting or at camp.
  • Softshell Pants - Tough yet stretchy softshell pants like the Montane Terra Pants provide abrasion resistance plus breathability for strenuous trekking.
  • Boots - Supportive and sturdy boots with good ankle support and stiff soles are essential for carrying loads while protecting feet from rocks - options like the Montane Terra Boots.


Mountaineering and Alpinism

Climbing frozen alpine peaks and ridges requires the most protective and insulating clothing:

  • Belay Jacket - Nothing beats the warmth-to-weight ratio of a premium down belay jacket like the Montane Extreme Jacket with Polartec fleece and 750+ fill power down.
  • Softshell Jacket - Stretchy and breathable softshells like the Montane Cobra offer flexibility for reaching, while blocking wind during climbs.
  • GORE-TEX Pro Jacket - Bomber mountaineering shells like the Montane Alpine Pro Jacket ensure bone-dry protection from harsh frozen conditions.
  • GORE-TEX Pro Pants - Durable waterproof breathable protection for legs like the Montane Pro Pants to prevent deadly exposure.
  • Insulated Gloves - Dexterous insulating gloves like the Montane Prism Gloves lined with PrimaLoft insulation maintain nimble fingers and grip.


Skiing and Snowsports

When carving through powder or racing downhill at speed, weather protection and insulation is vital:

  • Insulated Jacket - An insulated ski jacket like the Montane Deep Heat with synthetic fill ensures warmth even when damp from snow and sweat.
  • Softshell Pants - Snow pants require stretch for ease of movement plus weather resistance like Montane's Power Stretch Pro Pants with 40g Primaloft insulation to retain heat.
  • Fleece - A heavyweight fleece like the Montane Extreme Jacket offers vital core insulation under a shell jacket during bitter cold days.
  • Neck Gaiter - A versatile Polartec Power Stretch Pro fleece neck gaiter like the Montane Power Up protects the face and neck from icy winds.
  • Gloves - Waterproof insulated gloves like the Montane Extreme Gloves with a GORE-TEX insert and PrimaLoft insulation keep hands warm and dry all day.


Trail Running and Endurance Sports

When moving fast over long distances, moisture management and packability are key:

  • Windshirt - An ultralight Pertex windshirt like the Montane Slipstream GL blocks windchill and light rain without overheating during runs and races.
  • Insulated Vest - A highly compressible insulated gilet like the Montane Featherlite Down Vest adds vital warmth over a tee or under a jacket without restricting movement.
  • Running Tights - Keep muscles compressed and warm in windproof tights with light insulation like the Montane Via Rap Ida Tights.
  • Running Shoes - With technical trail shoes like the Montane VIA Gecko, feet get protection and underfoot grip over rugged alpine terrain during ultramarathons and skyrunning.
  • Running Backpack - Minimalist race vests like the Montane VIA Range 15 pack supplies on-the-go hydration and nutrition without bouncing while running.


Reviews of Top Montane Products


With so many options, here are reviews of some of the most popular and best performing Montane clothing and gear used by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide:


Montane Minimus Stretch Ultra Jacket

The Minimus Ultra is Montane's award winning flagship waterproof GORE-TEX jacket, now updated with four-way stretch for total freedom of movement. The three layer 40D nylon GORE-TEX fabric is highly breathable yet reliably waterproof, while articulated shaping and hood guarantee weather protection on demanding trails and climbs. The minimalist design shaves off every possible gram for a trail weight under 300g. For all-day, all-weather adventures in the mountains, the Minimus Ultra Stretch is the ideal go-to shell.


Montane Featherlite Ultra Gore Windshirt

Weighing a tiny 115g, the Featherlite GL Windshirt packs down to the size of an apple for barely noticeable carry. But the Pertex Quantum GL fabric provides essential wind resistance and DWR water repellency for lightweight protection when moving fast over summits and ridges. Athletic tailoring allows unimpeded freedom of movement during aerobic activities in volatile mountain conditions. For ultralight wind protection when every gram counts in your pack, the Featherlite Windshirt is a perfect minimalist layering piece.


Montane Allez Micro Hoodie

As a year-round midlayer fleece, the Allez Micro Hoodie strikes the optimal balance between low weight, breathability and insulation. Polartec Power Grid backer fabric facilitates airflow to prevent overheating during active pursuits, while the Power Stretch side panels accommodate flexibility and movement. Flatlocked low bulk seams maximise comfort when worn close to skin or under a shell jacket, and the slim insulated hood offers additional warmth. For versatile lightweight insulation, the Allez Hoodie transitions seamlessly from crag to cafe.


Montane Cobra 25-50L Rucksack

The Cobra Rucksack is a fully featured technical backpack built for hardcore alpine, ski and expedition use. The robust outer fabric withstands abrasion and loading, while a large extendable collar and floating lid accommodate bulky gear and long trip supplies. Front stash pockets and walking pole attachments provide accessibility, with an integrated rain cover to protect contents from the elements. Customisable and adjustable so you can dial in the perfect fit, the Cobra carries heavy gear loads in comfort and distributes weight effectively. When you need a burly high capacity pack you can rely on, this Cobra delivers.


Montane Icarus Synthetic Insulated Jacket

Using temperature regulating PrimaLoft Gold Insulation, the Icarus Jacket ensures reliable core warmth even in damp alpine conditions. The tough Pertex outer beads water while allowing internal condensation to escape, making this robust synthetic jacket ideal as a stand-alone insulating piece or underneath a shell. The athletic fit layers comfortably under a climbing harness, with an adjustable helmet compatible hood and harness-friendly pockets. For all-condition mountain insulation when keeping dry is crucial, the Icarus Jacket delivers uncompromised warmth and weather protection.


Finding the Right Size and Fit


Getting the right size Montane garment for your body type is important for performance and comfort. Most products come in men's and women's specifically fitted sizes.

Montane size guides provide detailed measurements to help find your ideal fit. Key points:

  • Base Layers - Should fit close to the skin without compressing or tightness.
  • Insulation - Mid and outer layers work best with room to trap air for warmth without impeding movement.
  • Waterproofs - Hardshell jackets and pants should have room for layers underneath without compromising weather protection.
  • Packs - Hip belts and shoulder straps should form a secure and balanced fit around your torso to effectively distribute weight.

If between sizes, it's often best to size up to allow wearing additional layers for versatile use across seasons. Trying on in person is recommended when possible.

When cared for properly, Montane products are built to last for many years of outdoor adventure. Follow these tips to get the longest use from your clothing and gear:

  • Wash - Follow individual care instructions, using recommended detergents and washing temperatures for fabrics like down, wool and synthetics.
  • Dry - Tumble dry low or line dry depending on the product. Heat can degrade fabric performance over time.
  • Waterproofing - Re-apply a DWR (durable water repellent) treatment periodically as water resistance decreases from abrasion and washing.
  • Storage - Keep stored clean and dry between uses to avoid damage from mold or humidity. Compress down garments for storage to maintain loft.
  • Repairs - Make use of Montane's free repair service. Their technicians can fix rips, replace broken zippers, and resolve common issues to prolong lifespan.

With the proper care and maintenance, your Montane clothing will deliver durable performance season after season.


Why Montane is a Top Outdoor Clothing Brand

For outdoor enthusiasts pursuing activities in extreme mountain terrain, Montane delivers functional, high tech apparel and gear designed specifically for alpine performance.

Key advantages of Montane:

  • Weather Protection - Hardwearing and waterproof fabrics proven by mountain professionals to withstand the harshest elements
  • Breathability - Innovative designs and clever fabrication prevent interior condensation and overheating during aerobic activity
  • Packability - Premium quality materials allow jackets and gear to compress down small for carrying efficiency
  • Insulation - Technical insulation types retain warmth and regulate temperature in freezing and wet conditions
  • Durability - Built to last with reinforced fabric panels across high-abrasion areas
  • Sustainability - Produced sustainably using Bluesign fabrics, renewable energy, and fair labour practices
  • Made in Europe - Products handcrafted by industry leading manufacturers with decades of experience

From hardcore mountaineers to hill walkers, Montane's dialled in alpine designs deliver the pinnacle of protection, performance and packability for mountain athletes venturing outdoors in unpredictable extremes.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is Montane clothing worth the price?

The premium quality comes at a cost, but Montane clothes are a sound investment that lasts years with proper care. Serious mountaineers rely on their performance, making Montane value for money.

Does Montane have sales or discounts?

Montane offer online sales on last season's gear, plus discounts through select retailers at certain times of year. Signing up for email newsletters can alert you to upcoming promotions.

How does Montane sizing compare to other brands?

Montane use athletic and articulated fits. Size up for layering. Their specific sizing charts give detailed garment measurements to find your ideal fit.

What is the best Montane waterproof jacket?

The Montane Minimus Stretch Ultra Jacket is their top rated GORE-TEX shell for all-round weather protection across varied activities.

Is Montane clothing true to size?

Montane provide detailed sizing guides with garment measurements. Trying a product on in person ensures the best fit if between sizes. Size up in insulation layers for added versatility.


For technical outdoor apparel with proven performance in harsh alpine environments, Montane delivers innovative clothing and gear tailored specifically for mountaineering and endurance pursuits. Their dialled in designs provide the ultimate in weather protection, breathability, packability and insulation using advanced fabrics and premium quality materials. Built by mountain professionals for mountain athletes, Montane clothing excels during challenging adventures in unpredictable extremes.

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