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A must-have for camping!

The Maglite Mini Mag AAA Solitaire Torch, weighing less than 30g and measuring just three inches in length, offers the same precision engineering found in every Maglite. Using only a single AAA battery, its focusing beam is surprisingly bright for such a small flashlight, and it comes complete with a sturdy key lead so you can keep it easily to hand.

Product Features

  • 1 x AAA Alkaline battery
  • Spare bulb (inside
  • tail cap)
  • Key ring attachment
  • Length: 80mm
  • Black Presentation Box
  • High
  • intensity light beam
  • Flood to spot beam focusing
  • Water and shock resistant
  • Anodised to prevent corrosion

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3 Customer reviews for this product

Precision Light
Reviewed By Steven, 10 Dec 2012

I use this light for all sorts, but mainly for working on computers as I need the precision light. When you focus the light to the centre it is really bright, but when it is spread right out it doesn't offer much visibility, so it probably good for if you are walking down a road in bad lighting conditions so you will be seen. It comes in a nice case and has a spare bulb hidden in the cap on the battery end. For £6.50 its well worth it.



Tired classic.
Reviewed By Angus, 22 Aug 2012

Cheap, small & has it's place, but prone to unscrew from the tail end & disappear if kept on a keyring for lighting up (weakly) a dark doorway.

On the positive side it's cheap & incredibly light, the bulb is tough & comes with a spare, so is likely to see a few years of minor use before failing, or the tail spring falling out.
I would consider a small led version if you wish to have a small light maglite (which they do), offering better battery conservation & light throw!



Great handy solid light.
Reviewed By kirsty, 22 Dec 2011

This is an amazing little bit of kit. Since i brought my maglite i haven't stopped using it. You use it for things which you didn't even realise you needed it for before that makes your life so much simpler and easier. eg; opening the front door in the dark, i now just put my light on to find the keyhole! It stays with you at all times as it just hangs from your keyring yet is small enough not to get in the way but still powerful for many uses. I would recommend this to anyone.