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The new, rechargeable CORE battery is designed for the TIKKA2 - ZIPKA2 line of headlamps. Replacing 3 regular batteries, it's inserted into the headlamp in a few seconds. It's economical too, paying for itself after 4 sets of alkaline batteries and with a lifetime equivalent to 900 regular batteries.

Product Features

  • Compatible with TIKKINA2, TIKKA2, ZIPKA2, TIKKA PLUS2, ZIPKA PLUS2 & TIKKA XP2 headlamps
  • Rechargeable up to a lifetime equivalent of 900 regular batteries
  • Excellent functioning at low temperatures
  • USB connection to any standard USB charger
  • CORTEX software allows adjustment of battery life or lighting level

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2 Customer reviews for this product

This makes total sense!
Reviewed By David, 28 Mar 2012

This has greatly improved the usage of our head torches. Mine is on a full setting which gives me just over 5 hours when on the mountain bike. My wifes is set for 40 hours, medium setting for walking the dog,and my daughter has hers set for 120 hours (yes that's 5 days!)on a dim setting for messing around.
Adjustable with the easy to use software. Combined, the head torch and Core weighs less than having the batteries fitted. Plus, it saves you buying 900 batteries!!! That has got to be worth having!!



Great idea to reduce landfill.Let down by software
Reviewed By Jason, 11 Apr 2011

To save on AAA battery consumption is a great approach. One can now use a solar charger while on extended expeditions. However, the Core adds considerable bulk to the Petzl's slim lines. It is only 8mm thick but feels monstrous.
The main drawback is the limiting software. One can only reduce maximum brightness and change the light diminishing aspect (regulate it). The dimness 12.5% on 2nd light setting can't be increased. Furthermore, for the XP2 the claimed 60 metres output is now only 40 as indicated by the software!? Also the software hours of light usage do not match the advertised figures of the XP2 -
maximum economic
Battery life 80 h 160 h
Distance t=0 60 m 17 m
it is now (unregulted mode - matches AAA)
Battery life 13 h 70 h
Distance 46 m 15 m
Regulated mode - max light 100%
Battery life 4h30m 35 h
Distance 40 m 14 m
Hmmm. Happy not to carry loads of batteries and save money. But disappointed in apparent reduced performance..