Whether you’re taking off for a long weekend to experience Florence’s historical art galleries or for a challenge of a lifetime trekking through the Himalayas, we have all the kit you need. Wherever your adventures take you around the globe, explore it in both comfort and style.


OUR Staff Recommendations

T3 Cotton Duck Hat

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Review :

“A broad-brimmed hat is an essential on any Nepal trek or trip where you’re in the sun everyday. A Tilley Hat is virtually indestructable & mine goes on every trek. They’re great because they shade your ears & nose, which often get a lot of sun at high-altitude. Another benefit is you don’t have to put sunscreen on your forehead, so you avoid your sunscreen running & stinging your eyes!”

Ben Walker, Keswick Store

Talon 22 Rucksack

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Review :

“One of the key items that will come travelling with me wherever I go is a good rucksack. Often my Osprey Talon 22 will come with me, a good size for hand luggage, but more importantly a great size to take out on the hill, be it to go walking or out on some Via Ferrata. Then of course it is key to take a couple of companions for some good pics of your adventures, so you can share your fun with the folks at home!”

Hazel Johnson, Keswick Store


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