Ayacucho makes quality outdoor clothing that functions to a high standard in challenging environments. They do this by using materials that not only offer optimum comfort, but also harness the potential of nature to make clothing that is both sustainable and responsive to your needs.


Ayacucho clothing is designed to be both carefully sourced and technologically advanced, giving your adventure the welcome combination of responsibility, comfort and style.

But Ayacucho doesn’t just help you, it helps others too. The clothing range is named after a province in the Peruvian Andes, where many people live below the poverty line. Here Ayacucho invests money from its sales into sustainable community projects.

By funding engineers and specialists to train locals in better farming and commercial techniques it gives the people of Ayacucho the opportunity to acquire knowledge and take their destiny into their own hands. Ayacucho: made with your travels, and the world, in mind.


Ayacucho products combine the full potential of nature with advances in technology to create a line of clothing that feels and looks great, but also performs to the high standards you expect from adventure clothing. By, working with charities and nature, Ayacucho clothing is made with your travels, and the world, in mind.