KEEN Footwear

KEEN sandals and hiking boots are as diverse as your lifestyle. Since their beginnings in 2003, KEEN has created innovative footwear with a focus on fit, comfort and protection. By making practical, hardwearing and playful sandals that protect your toes, KEEN enable people to achieve a Hybrid lifestyle.


By combining the practicality of a trekking shoe with the cool comfort of a sandal, KEEN has created the ultimate range of multi-terrain footwear that effortlessly responds to your hybrid life.

It all started with a simple question; can a sandal protect the toes? The answer was of course, yes, the answer was the now iconic Newport sandal. With its unique toe bumper KEEN had introduced a whole new style of footwear.

Since those early days, KEEN has kept a number of core beliefs at their heart. All their shoes are designed in their US homeland, and each is specifically engineered to combine comfort, fit and protection for a responsive and modern way of life.


KEEN produce a range of footwear that excel in multi-terrain conditions. With their iconic toe bumper and robust construction they manage to embrace that strange and changeable environment where the land meets the water, and transform it into a playground of global proportions.