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Toddler Backpacks

Parent and child walk on beach in LottleLife gear
Child plays in the sand on the beach in Littlelife clothing

About LittleLife

Founded over 15 years ago, British brand LittleLife gives parents and children the freedom to learn, laugh and experience all the wonders of the great outdoors together. LittleLife have developed a product range with first-hand experience of what really works for young families who lead an active lifestyle and want to travel.


Their Child Carriers revolutionise the experience of getting outside with young children. Leave the buggy at home and welcome the world and all its adventures with open arms. LittleLife backpacks and safety reins allow toddlers to take their first safe steps towards independence, whilst older children can prepare for their own adventure with one of the larger backpacks.


Parents can rest assured that each product is of the highest quality, with hard wearing materials, strong zips and secure buckles. Every detail has been carefully considered and rigorously tested so you can carry on your adventures in safety and in confidence.

Child by LittleLife Tent