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Discover your perfect tent for your next outdoor adventure, whether you need family tents for car camping to a lightweight tent for longer adventures, or backpacking tents, check out our range of strong, durable and waterproof tents for camping. We stock a wide range of outdoor tents from leading brands including Vango, Vaude, MSR, Terra Nova, and many more.


Buying a tent is not simply done. It is often a big investment in a nice house for the road and all kinds of things are connected with it. Who goes to sleep in it, what kind of things have to go in, how do you travel? Do you only use the tent in the summer or throughout the year and what is the budget? All these things influence the choice of the right tent. For help, advice and a wide selection of tents, you can contact Cotswold Outdoor.


Who do you share your tent with? 
In order to make the right choice, it is not only important to have a clear view of how many people have to sleep in the tent, but also how much space is left for any luggage. If you want to be able to cook dry in the evening in a awning or play a game under a small awning, then take a tent for one more person, or a camping tent with more space outside the sleeping area. For the traveler for whom every gram counts, extra space is not important and the focus will be on light, compact and quick to set up.


The budget is of course an important factor to take into account when purchasing a tent, but fortunately Cotswold Outdoor has a wide range of tents in every price range. For the festival goer or someone who wants to try if camping is fun, there are several cheap tents available that make camping easy and accessible. In addition, Cotswold Outdoor sells many family tents for all types of family compositions and types of holidays. From three weeks of summer camping in France to winter camping in Poland. Then there is also a wide selection of hybrid tents, suitable for all possible weather conditions, of indestructible quality.


Which tent suits you? 
Are you going for a cheap tent that can last a couple of summers, or will it be a larger investment in a tent that will last for years, if not for generations? Who does not know the indestructible and extremely solid cotton tents. In addition, there are now also polyester and nylon tents that are at least as durable and weather-resistant. Get advice and choose the tent that suits you.


If you're planning a family camping trip, we have a great selection of family-sized tents that offer plenty of space for everyone. Our range of sleeping bags will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the night, with options for both adults and children.


Don't forget about tent accessories to make your camping experience more enjoyable, and there are plenty of tents for sale. We offer a variety of tent repair kits, seam sealers, tent poles, and other essential tools to keep your equipment in top shape.

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