Camping Knives

Camping knives and multi-tools can be essential in emergencies but they are also extremely useful devices to have for a number of everyday situations. Our range offers a selection of sizes, shapes and materials, with a huge variety of tools for an endless number of uses. Each robust and well-designed knife is available from leading outdoor brands Victorinox, Gerber, Opinel, Mora and Leatherman.


Each multi-tool knife has different functions, including tools like scissors, tweezers, rulers, pens, can openers, pliers and much more, manufactured in high-quality materials like stainless and carbon steel. They’re perfect to have around the house, at work or in the car, and are vital on camping trips and for many other outdoor activities. Camping knives and axes can be used to clear the path in the bush, to forage and to build fires. Many items in this collection come with clips, hooks or straps allowing them to be attached to your bag or clothing so that they are always accessible at any moment.

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