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Browse our extensive handpicked sale range of waterproof jackets and discover great prices on specialised outdoor jackets crafted from innovative fabrics and materials such as GORE-TEX™. Knowing the differences and benefits of waterproof jackets and water-resistant (or water-repellent jackets) is essential for optimising your outdoor adventures, these features have specific and important differences that you should consider when making a purchase. Both cover a variety of qualities, many of which we might not consider at face value. The actual creation of water resistance comes from the fabrics used, such as nylon and polyester. These materials are woven with such tightness and precision that water simply does not pass through without a fight. The extent of the tightness to which these fabrics are woven determines whether a jacket is waterproof, or water-resistant.

A waterproof jacket offers the highest standard of protection from rain, hail, and snow, which may seem a given, but with that standard, comes drawbacks. The fabrics are so tight that liquids simply cannot get through, which works both ways. Let’s set the scene, you’re hiking in January, during an icy hailstorm… You’ve just hit 15k and you’re starting to sweat inside your jacket, you may be protected from the shards of hail swirling towards you, but there is nowhere for that internal moisture to go, which means eventually you will overheat, and get wet from the inside-out. However, a water-resistant jacket would be ideal if you were to take on the same hike in that same wintery hailstorm. Water-resistant jackets offer more of a balance, these fabrics are tightly wound, but with some ‘give’. This allows the fabric to breathe, and while you won’t be fully protected from the harshest of conditions, you will stay almost completely dry. Meaning you can adventure to your heart’s content, knowing that heat and moisture can escape outwards. So, when it comes to purchasing a waterproof or water-resistant jacket, be sure to consider how and when you intend to use it, as these should be the determining factors in your purchase. Many products in our waterproof jackets sale range also meet one or more of our environmental criteria and feature in Cotswold Outdoor’s Our Planet collection. All from top brands including BerghausJack WolfskinMountain EquipmentPatagoniaRab, and The North Face

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