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Introduction to Regatta: A Trusted Outdoor Clothing Brand


Regatta has a long history spanning over 50 years as a leading outdoor clothing brand in the UK. Established in 1981 in Manchester, Regatta draws upon decades of experience crafting high quality, affordable gear to help you enjoy the great outdoors. From waterproof jackets and walking boots to fleeces and hiking packs, Regatta is the go-to brand for many outdoor enthusiasts looking for reliable kit.


As specialists in outdoor apparel and equipment, Regatta's designers understand the unique demands of hiking, camping, and exploring the countryside. The brand only uses innovative, high performance fabrics engineered to be comfortable, durable and protect you from the elements. Regatta's unwavering commitment to quality, value and customer satisfaction has earned their loyal following.


In this detailed guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Regatta outdoor clothing and the key factors to consider when buying their products for hiking, camping and other adventures.


The Importance of Quality Outdoor Clothing & Gear


When embarking on outdoor pursuits like hiking, camping and climbing, having reliable clothing and equipment is absolutely vital. The right jacket, boots and backpack can make your experience safer, more comfortable and enjoyable. Good gear protects you from the elements, prevents injury on rough terrain and keeps you warm and dry.


That's why it's important to choose outdoor products made from quality, technical fabrics and robust materials built to withstand rugged use. Trusted brands like Regatta have the expertise to engineer durable clothing using innovative fabrics that excel at repelling moisture, insulating heat and moving sweat off the skin.


The hallmarks of Regatta's outdoor clothing line are evident across their top-selling products in areas like waterproof jackets, walking boots and fleece layers. Attention to detail, precision craftsmanship and premium materials define the Regatta brand.


Key Features to Look For in Regatta Outdoor Gear


When evaluating Regatta jackets, boots, backpacks and outdoor equipment, several key features indicate exceptional quality and performance:


Waterproof Fabrics - Regatta waterproof jackets use premium waterproof membranes like Isotex and Hydrafort to guarantee wet weather protection. These advanced laminates repel moisture while allowing interior sweat vapors to escape.


Breathable Fabrics - Hiking and active wear needs breathable fabric layers that vent excess heat/sweat. Regatta clothing integrates special coatings to enable airflow and cooling comfort during aerobic activity.


Durable Materials - All Regatta gear is constructed from robust, abrasion-resistant materials. Their boots and walking shoes use supportive midsoles and durable rubber outsoles. Rucksacks and packs employ heavy duty ripstop nylon with reinforced stitching on high-stress points.


Technical Details - Purpose-built outdoor clothing depends on specialised details like adjustable hoods, velcro cuffs, protective overlays and zippered pockets to tackle active pursuits. Every element of Regatta's functional design is engineered for performance.


Regatta's Outdoor Clothing & Gear Categories


Regatta offers a diverse range of outdoor products spanning multiple categories to equip outdoor enthusiasts for every occasion. Their extensive expertise translates into reliable clothing, footwear and equipment to meet your needs.


Some of Regatta's essential gear categories include:


Waterproof Jackets - Regatta is renowned for their technical waterproof jackets designed to withstand relentless rain and wind while regulating interior temperature. They offer a variety of waterproof shell styles including lightweight paclites, midweight Hydrafort parkas and heavy duty coastal jackets.


Walking Boots & Shoes - The foundation for comfortable hiking and trekking over rugged landscape is a sturdy, supportive walking boot. Regatta's range of leather and synthetic walking boots offer essential technologies like Isotex waterproofing, padded ankles and stable rubber traction soles in designs catering to both casual ramblers and hardcore trekkers.


Fleeces & Insulating Layers - Regatta's fleece collection covers versatile mid layers offering vital insulation. They produce classic micro polyester fleece pullovers and zip jackets perfect as insulating base layers or standalone spring jackets. Many fleeces include weather-resistant finishes to combat light moisture.


Rucksacks & Backpacks - From small bum bags to large expedition packs, Regatta's backpack range caters to all users with technical features like padded straps, wrap-around waist belts and integrated rain covers. Their durable construction easily handles heavy loads on the trail. Designs cater to winter mountaineering, multi-day camping, hydration packs and simple day packs.


Socks & Baselayers - Regatta crafts hardy outdoor socks designed for comfortable wear inside hiking boots and trail shoes thanks to padded shins, arch support and ribbed construction. Many socks include handy antibacterial properties to combat odors. Their technical base layers and leggings employ sweat-wicking fabric next-to-skin to maintain warmth and dryness.


Gloves - Regatta's glove offerings protect hands from the biting cold using thick insulating linings and windproof outer material. Special water resistant gloves block moisture ingress while fleece lining maintains warmth and comfort. From lightweight running gloves to heavy duty ski gloves, their range meets every need.


Hats, Gaiters & Accessories - Regatta produces a series of accessories to complete your outdoor clothing system including warm fleece hats, protective gloves, knee-length gaiters and sturdy duffle bags purpose-built for wet/muddy gear. These oft-overlooked items add critical function.


Regatta Outdoor Clothing Benefits


In both design and construction, Regatta's outdoor clothing lineup delivers reliable performance catering to every level of adventurer at accessible prices. Testing and wear trials in real conditions ensure quality.


Their versatile range offers numerous advantages:


Premium Protection from Elements

Regatta's technical fabrics and waterproof membranes provide guaranteed defense against rain, wind and cold temperatures - keeping you dry and comfortable in inclement weather.


Active Comfort/Breathability

Through body-mapped designs and ventilated materials, Regatta clothing effectively wicks moisture, allows airflow and stops overheating when working hard on the trails.


Durable & Long-Lasting Construction

Robust textiles like heavy duty nylon, reinforced stitching and protective overlay panels ensure Regatta garments withstand years of vigorous use in the rough outdoors without compromising.


Easy Accessibility & Adjustability

Regatta bags feature wide openings for hassle-free packing/digging. Jackets & pants offer velcro cuffs, cord locks and adjustable hoods so you can easily layer and modify fit on the move.


Affordable Price Points

Regatta achieves outstanding quality and performance at reasonable prices - making technical outdoor clothing accessible to almost any budget instead of prohibitively expensive. This enables more people to properly equip themselves for outdoor enjoyment.


Buying Advice for Regatta Outdoor Products


When investing in Regatta gear for hiking, camping, mountaineering and other active pastimes, follow this advice for choosing suitable items:


Identify Purpose & Conditions

Determine how and where you will use the gear to guide selection. If you mainly hike coastal trails, a heavy duty maritime jacket makes sense. If camping summer festivals, a lightweight all-round walking shoe may suffice. Consider likely environments and fitness levels.


Select for Weather Protection

Ensure your Regatta jacket, trousers, boots and shells offer the requisite waterproofing, wind resistance and insulation you'll need for foreseeable conditions like winter warmth or wet trails. Waterproof ratings indicate effectiveness.


Evaluate Durability Needs

If you'll be bushwhacking through dense brush or scrambling up steep scree, hardy fabrics and reinforced construction are key. Alternatively, less extreme ramblers can opt for streamlined designs prioritizing packability - but never at the expense of appropriate resilience.


Determine Breathability Requirements

Make sure coats, base layers, shoes and gloves properly vent sweat if you'll be hiking rigorously or carrying heavy packs. Carefully balance external weather barriers versus good internal airflow enabled by breathable membranes and vent ports. This maintains comfort and reduces damp chill from saturated sweat.


Assess Sizing/Adjustments

Try items on for good fit accounting for layered clothing underneath and freedom of movement. Seek adjustable elements like hoods, zippered hems and Velcro cuffs enabling you to regulate airflow and dial-in the right fit as conditions change.


Take Advantage of Regatta's Value

Regatta's vast selection doesn't demand premium prices. Take advantage of their quality materials, technical fabrics and precision construction available at reasonable prices compared to many competing outdoor brands. This lets you affordably kit yourself out without breaking the bank.



Caring for Your Regatta Outdoor Gear



To keep your Regatta clothing and equipment going strong across years of adventuresome activity, adhere to these care guidelines:


Read & Follow Care Instructions - Check clothing tags for cleaning directions to avoid damaging specialty textile treatments. Use suggested methods only.


Wash Frequently - Launder synthetics after each use per instructions to remove sweat, body oils and dirt that gradually break down performance and water resistance.


Revive DWR - Refresh degraded water-repellent coatings using wash-in or spray-on waterproofing treatments to maintain beading protection.


Hang Dry - Line or rack dry technical fabrics rather than machine drying to prevent excessive heat damage that shortens lifespan.


Patch Holes & Tears - Stitch or patch minor garment holes immediately before they expand and compromise weatherproofness. Carry repair tape while hiking.


Store Properly - Keep gear clean and dry in-between adventures. Avoid direct heat, sunlight or compression that degrades materials over time.


With attentive care and maintenance, your Regatta outdoor clothing will deliver years of reliable performance on the trails!




For over 50 years across the UK and beyond, Regatta has equipped countless outdoor enthusiasts with quality, affordable jackets, boots, backpacks and gear ready for adventure in every environment. Combining cutting edge fabrics and value pricing gives more people access to well-made clothing purpose-built for the demands of hiking, mountaineering, camping and exploring off the beaten path.


If a durable waterproof coat, long-lasting walking boots or a packable fleece layer sounds appealing for your next countryside trek or family camping trip, browse Regatta’s trusted range showcasing five decades of design experience focused solely on crafting gear to unlock the joy and freedom of the great outdoors.

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