Salomon Walking Shoes

Salomon entered the footwear market in 1947 in Annecy, France. Originally making metal edges for skis, the company soon expanded into trail running and hiking shoes. Today, Salomon crafts performance athletic shoes for mountain sports as well as walking and lifestyle wear. Salomon walking shoes are available for both men and women. They come in low, mid, and high cuts to support and protect the ankles as needed. Lightweight materials, breathable mesh uppers, cushioning midsoles, stabilising technologies, and durable outsoles allow you to walk comfortably for miles on various surfaces. Many Salomon waterproof walking shoes utilise Contagrip® rubber outsoles with multidirectional lugs to grip slippery terrain. The brand's proprietary technologies offer precise foot wrapping, energy return, cushioning, and moisture management. Popular Salomon walking shoe collections include X Ultra, Speedcross, Quest, Comet, and Outline.


Key Technologies in Salomon Walking Shoes

Salomon invests heavily in research and development to create innovative performance technologies for its footwear. Several of these technologies are frequently featured in Salomon walking shoes to enhance fit, support, and comfort on walks.


SensiFit System

Salomon's innovative SensiFit system is frequently utilised in their performance walking shoes.  This advanced technology uses a sock-like sleeve construction that hugs the contours of the foot. Rather than stiff layers of material, the SensiFit sleeve allows the upper to move naturally with the foot's motion. Strategically placed synthetic or welded textile overlays are then added in key areas. These connect to the lacing system, so tightening the laces pulls the overlays tighter over the instep and midfoot. This allows walkers to customise the snugness and precision of the fit. The result is a walking shoe upper that cradles the foot securely during each step, preventing sliding around that can lead to blisters or instability. Yet the flexible sleeve still permits natural flexibility and toe splay that might be restricted in stiffer uppers. The Quicklace design featured on many Salomon styles makes it easy to adjust tightness as needed on the go. So if your feet swell slightly during a long or strenuous walk, you can loosen up to accommodate this and prevent compression. When walking downhill over uneven terrain, you can quickly tighten the laces via the Quicklace toggle to lock down the SensiFit sleeve and overlays. This improves control and stability when your foot needs to stay securely in place inside the shoe to prevent slips or rollovers. Salomon's expert designers have fine-tuned the SensiFit system over the years to balance a sock-like fit with adaptive support. The precisely configured overlay placements optimise support and structure without negating the benefits of the flexible sleeve. Whether you're powering over rolling hills or gravel paths, Salomon walking shoes with SensiFit technology boost your foothold and control when you need it most.


OrthoLite sock liner

The underfoot comfort of any walking shoe comes down largely to the insole or sock liner. This is the layer that sits directly under your foot, absorbing impact and providing cushioning mile after mile. Many Salomon walking shoes contain OrthoLite sock liners to optimise cushioning that doesn't pack down over time. OrthoLite is an open-cell foam that contains tiny pores to allow air circulation. This construction helps moisture wick away from the foot rather than getting trapped against the skin, which can lead to blisters and hot spots. The open-air flow also allows the foam to spring back after each step, maintaining its cushioning loft even after hundreds of miles. OrthoLite has an antimicrobial treatment that prevents odour-causing bacteria from growing within the foam, making it more resistant to retaining smells even on sweaty, multi-hour walks. While some EVA and memory foams compress permanently and feel flat after moderate use, OrthoLite retains 95% of its thickness for the lifespan of the shoe. The long-lasting cushioning reduces fatigue by softening each heel strike and toe push-off. Some Salomon walking shoe models pair the standard OrthoLite sockliner with a shaped EVA frame around the heel to improve stability and support. Other styles feature OrthoLite footbeds with contoured arch support. The raised shape under the arch minimises strain on this area and alleviates pain from plantar fasciitis or fallen arches. When choosing Salomon walking shoes with OrthoLite insole, you know you will be able to enjoy consistent underfoot comfort and moisture management mile after mile. It's an upgrade from the basic flat insoles found in some other walking and athletic shoes. OrthoLite technology transforms the walking experience when you're spending hours on your feet exploring new places.


Quicklace System

One of the convenient innovations that Salomon utilises in their performance walking shoes is the Quicklace system. This replaces standard eyelet lacing with strong Kevlar cords and a simple toggle mechanism at the top near the collar. The durable Kevlar laces are threaded through fabric channels attached to flexible synthetic overlays. Pulling up on the toggle instantly tightens the upper while pushing down loosens it again in seconds. There's no need to stop and tediously re-tie or double-knot laces mid-hike as the toggle allows fast tightening or loosening with a quick flick of the wrist. The Quicklace system makes it fast and easy to customise the upper's snugness and support during your walk. Laces can be tightened before navigating uneven or slippery terrain to lock the foot down securely inside the shoe preventing slips and instability. If feet begin to feel constricted on an hours-long trek, a downward push loosens up the lacing in an instant for relief. The lacing channels are configured to balance even pressure distribution across the top of the foot. This prevents pinching or pressure points that lead to discomfort on longer walks. With Quicklace technology, you can promptly adapt to changes in terrain, foot swelling, comfort needs, and walking intensity without missing a step. No more trailside stops to re-tie shoes or struggling with clogged eyelets in mud. Salomon walking shoes with Quicklace system empower walkers to effortlessly fine-tune the fit of their shoes for optimal security, support, and comfort wherever the trail leads. It's an intuitive advancement that allows you to remain focused on the walk rather than fussing with laces.


Gore-Tex Waterproofing

Walking outdoors often involves dealing with wet, muddy conditions that can soak footwear and lead to discomfort. Select Salomon walking shoes incorporate innovative Gore-Tex waterproof membranes to keep feet dry without compromising ventilation. Gore-Tex is a thin, porous film made of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE). The billions of microscopic pores per square inch are smaller than water droplets, blocking external water from seeping through. However, the pores are still 700 times larger than a water vapour molecule, allowing sweat vapour from the foot to pass through. This prevents the uncomfortably hot, damp feeling that occurs with rubberised waterproof boots lacking breathability. Gore-Tex membranes maintain a waterproof barrier even under flexing and compression, so the protection lasts over time and mileage. Salomon strategically places Gore-Tex films in the upper or selectively laminate linings. This balances weather protection with breathability and flexibility, retaining the natural walking motion. While no technology is 100% waterproof in very wet conditions for endless hours, Gore-Tex significantly lowers the chance of soak-through. Your toes stay warmer and blister-free even when stepping in puddles. For walking in misty climates with frequent rainfall, Salomon walking shoes with Gore-Tex technology provide reliable water protection without sacrificing ventilation. Don't let wet weather derail your walking routine or dampen your feet on outdoor adventures. Utilising advanced technologies like Gore-Tex membranes, Salomon delivers waterproof walking shoes that keep your feet comfortably dry across miles of trails.


EnergyCell Midsole

The midsole is one of the most crucial components of any athletic shoe, providing cushioning to absorb shock and combat fatigue. Salomon walking shoes with EnergyCell midsole set themselves apart from standard EVA foam found in other walking shoes. EnergyCell is constructed of expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (eTPU). The proprietary formulation and construction process yields an exceptionally resilient, durable foam that maintains its properties over time and use. While EVA foam compresses and loses bounce within a couple hundred miles, EnergyCell retains its lively bounce and shock absorption even after 500+ miles of walking. The springy construction doesn't pack out or flatten permanently under body weight like some foams. Plus, it resists temperature fluctuations better than EVA. EnergyCell's consistent rebound and loft enhance comfort and efficiency when walking long distances on pavement, trails, or treadmills. The foam cushioning reduces some of the repeated pounding that can fatigue joints and muscles over hours of use. This enables you to walk further with less soreness. Salomon strategically zones EnergyCell in higher volume midsoles to target shock absorption and rebound precisely where you need it. In the rearfoot, thick EnergyCell cushions heel strikes and attenuate shock travelling up the body. A softer density under the forefoot absorbs toe-offs while allowing natural flexibility. Pairing EnergyCell midsoles with OrthoLite sock liners optimises cushioning and resilience for mile after mile of comfortable walking. Salomon's EnergyCell technology delivers durable, long-lasting cushioning and spring to keep you moving comfortably on any walking adventure.


Contagrip Outsoles

Traction is paramount when walking on uneven terrain, trails, or slippery surfaces. Salomon's proprietary Contagrip outsoles give their shoes an unrivalled grip for stability across various conditions. Contagrip rubber incorporates precise lug shapes, angles, and spacing strategically mapped to deliver optimal grip. Shorter, multi-angled lugs on the periphery provide traction for lateral movements and descents. Deeper central lugs give braking and propulsion grip up and down inclines. Contagrip TA (all-terrain) versatilely grips dirt, rock, gravel, pavement, and grass. The Contagrip MA (mud terrain) outsole stands up to the muddy, soft ground with its aggressively spaced lugs for secure footing. Contagrip GA (gravel terrain) features self-cleaning lugs that shed debris in loose, dry conditions. Salomon tunes factors like lug thickness, beveling, and durometer of the rubber compound to maximise traction for different walking environments without overly compromising flexibility. The lug angles change from heel to toe to match natural gait biomechanics, promoting a smooth heel-to-toe transition. Additional rubber reinforcements are placed in high abrasion zones for heightened durability and friction. With Contagrip technology, Salomon walking shoes with Contagrip soles deliver a balance of multi-directional grip, flexibility, cushioning, and stability to empower striders to move nimbly but securely no matter the terrain. The next time your walking route takes you over uneven ground, loose surfaces, or slick terrain, rely on Salomon Contagrip outsoles for unshakeable traction to keep your stride planted confidently.


EVA Cushioning

In addition to advanced midsole foams like EnergyCell, Salomon incorporates ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) cushioning into select walking shoe models. This lightweight, flexible foam has shock-absorbing qualities that attenuate the impacts of walking. Placing EVA foam under the heel and forefoot softens each foot strike, reducing fatiguing vibrations through the skeletal system. The foam compresses upon impact and then springs back to shape, returning energy to the walker. This bounce-back effect makes each step feel easier, allowing you to walk farther with less exertion. EVA has a low melting point, allowing it to be injection moulded into contoured midsoles that match the shape of the foot. By varying the foam expansion and density, engineers can fine-tune the cushioning properties for precision support. Denser EVA prevents excessive pronation while softer foam under the forefoot enhances flexibility for a natural gait. The simple molecular structure of EVA makes it more stable across fluctuating temperatures compared to some other polymers. It retains its supportive compressibility whether walking in hot summer or frigid winter weather. Combining EVA foam with EnergyCell inserts optimises lightweight cushioning and shock absorption mile after mile. The dual-density midsole provides cushy, responsive comfort over varied walking terrain without the mushy, flattened feel some shoes develop over time. For accessible all-day cushioning with reliable longevity,  Salomon walking shoes with EVA foam cushioning have strategically zoned EVA midsoles to enhance walking comfort, endurance and performance.


Finding the Right Salomon Walking Shoes for Your Needs

Renowned for advanced technologies and resilient construction, Salomon footwear empowers walkers and hikers to traverse diverse landscapes and conditions with stability. This guide will showcase how Salomon walking shoes are equipped for varied terrains, highlighting key features that deliver secure traction, cushioned comfort and lasting protection mile after mile.


Salomon Walking Shoes with Breathable Mesh Uppers

Proper ventilation keeps feet cool and dry, preventing the sweaty discomfort that can develop inside non-breathable shoes during hours of walking. Many Salomon walking and hiking shoes utilise uppers constructed from open mesh fabric or panels. The porous construction promotes continuous airflow circulation around the foot as you move. This whisks away perspiration and allows heat to dissipate rather than build up inside the shoe. Strategically placed mesh panels target zones prone to sweat like toes and the instep. For example, the Cross Hike Mid GTX hiking shoe combines abrasion-resistant synthetic leather overlays with breathable mesh windows along the collar and tongue. Salomon’s proprietary SensiFit technology utilises a flexible mesh sleeve construction that adapts to your foot’s shape and swelling during active walking. For power walking, fitness training and moderate hiking during warmer months, seek Salomon walking shoes incorporating mesh uppers to maintain a cooler, drier foot environment. The increased ventilation can help minimise odour, fungi growth and blisters associated with a hot, humid shoe interior.


Salomon Walking Shoes with Protective Toe Caps

Uneven terrain, slippery trails and rugged hikes expose feet to stubbed toes, abrasion and impact from rocks, roots and debris. Toe bumpers and caps provide critical protection. Many Salomon hiking and trail walking shoes feature thick rubber toe rands wrapping up and over the toe box. The durable rubber shields vulnerable toes from painful shocks and jolts when inadvertently kicking obstacles along the path. Integrated synthetic caps like those found on the Salomon Cross Trek LT M hiking shoe offer abrasion resistance with minimum added weight. Underneath the cap, strategic toe box flex points and cushioning allow natural foot movement and splay. Salomon’s patented Advanced Chassis technology in select shoes helps stabilise the overall structure, preventing the toe cap from colliding forcefully with rocks or roots when rolling your foot. For technical hiking over rocky, root-strewn paths, a supportive toe cap enhances both safety and confidence to look ahead without fixating downward.


Salomon Walking Shoes with Adjustable Heel Straps

Dialing in a secure, precision fit around the heel and ankle can improve stability and control when hiking uneven terrain where slips spell trouble. Certain Salomon walking and hiking shoes feature secondary heel strap systems to augment the lacing fit. A key example is the brand’s iconic X Ultra 3 Mid GTX hiking shoe. An asymmetrical Quicklace system tightens the protective mesh upper. At the rear, a separate SensiFit wraparound strap with velcro closure fine-tunes the fit around the heel and Achilles. Cinching the strap prevents up-down heel slippage inside the shoe when walking downhill or over loose, angled surfaces. The independent strap also accommodates those with narrow heels or high insteps not fully accommodated by the primary lacing alone. For vigorous hiking on loose gravel and scree where footing security is paramount, the enhanced heel lockdown of Salomon’s adjustable strap system maintains foot control to navigate varied terrain with confidence.


Salomon Walking Shoes with Reflective Details

Walking or hiking around dawn, dusk or at night requires extra visibility for safety sharing roads or paths with vehicles and other users. Salomon incorporates reflective trim onto many walking shoe models to shine when headlights hit them. Light-reflecting prints, logos and insignias are strategically zoned on heel counters, lace guards and midfoot panelling. For example, the popular Salomon X Raise Mid hiking shoe has reflective details on the heel tab and a synthetic leather mudguard. Nighttime strollers and pre-dawn hikers can feel reassured knowing their Salomon shoes will glow when headlights catch them, signalling their presence to oncoming bicyclists, vehicles and other pedestrians. Beyond safety, the reflective accents add unique style and design flair. They complement versatile walking shoes suitable for urban commuting, fitness walking and casual use where looking stylish matters too. With reflective elements, Salomon walking shoes keep you shining and seen after dark.


Salomon Walking Shoes for All-Terrain Versatility

Changing paths and surfaces are par for the course when walking far and wide. Shoes lacking adaptability quickly lose traction, forcing you to alter your route. Salomon’s Contagrip outsoles with premium rubber lugs optimise grip over varied terrains from dirt to pavement. The Contagrip TA outsole found on numerous walking and hiking styles like the award-winning X Ultra 3 Mid GTX provides durable traction across most surfaces thanks to multidirectional lugs adapted to both uphill and lateral foot movements. Contagrip MA outsoles with deeper, more prominent lugs excel over soft, muddy ground. Meanwhile, Contagrip outsoles with lower-profile lugs maintain flexibility for mileage on tamer trails and paved paths. No matter if your walking route takes you from park trails to city sidewalks in the same session, Salomon Contagrip soles help you stride easily through shifts in terrain and traction demands.


Salomon Walking Shoes for Hiking Versatility

Serious hiking demands more than just stylish looks and casual comfort. Salomon constructs many walking shoes with robust protective features ready for challenging mountain trails. Yet the shoes retain accessible fit and support for everyday use too. The Quest 4D 3 GTX hiking boot has a protective rubber toe cap, supportive internal chassis and weatherproof Gore-Tex liner ready to haul heavy packs over alpine passes. Yet the cushioning midsole and everyday styling still work for relaxed walking about town as well. The Cross Hike Mid GTX combines similar core hiking technologies like SensiFit lacing and high-friction outsoles suitable for scaling rocky paths in the White Mountains or rambling through your local nature preserve. Durable construction coupled with versatile fit makes Salomon hiking shoes ready for both epic adventures as well as casual everyday use.


Salomon Walking Shoes for Distance Trekking Comfort

Logging serious mileage on multi-day treks requires stable, cushioned walking shoes that put comfort first without sacrificing performance. Salomon shoes deliver using technologies like EnergyCell+ compressed EVA foam which maintains a higher rebound and recovery versus standard EVA over extended distances. The long-lasting cushioning reduces fatigue when you're deep in the wilderness but days away from civilisation. OrthoLite antimicrobial sock liners found in numerous Salomon walking and hiking models minimise odour and moisture when worn for consecutive long days on the trail. The OrthoLite foam also doesn't lose its cushioning qualities over time. Advanced midsole systems found in iconic styles like the Quest 4D distribute weight laterally over uneven terrain for added stability when fatigued. The cohesive technologies keep feet fresh and supported when you're trekking sunrise to sunset day after day. For thru-hikers and avid explorers who rack up trail miles in pursuit of adventure, Salomon constructs walking shoes that go the distance.

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