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Scarpa: Italian Crafted Footwear for All Terrains

When it comes to high quality footwear engineered for outdoor adventures, few brands can match the pedigree and reputation of Scarpa. Originally founded in Asolo, Italy in 1938, Scarpa has been honing their craft for over 80 years. They are renowned worldwide among mountaineers, climbers and hikers for their precision crafted and high performing footwear. Whether you're scrambling up a rocky crag, trekking across Alpine meadows, or hiking remote mountain trails, Scarpa has durable and comfortable footwear to see you through any adventure. In this detailed guide, we will cover Scarpa's range of boots and shoes, discussing the technologies and features that make their footwear stand out from the crowd.


Scarpa Hiking Boots and Shoes 
Scarpa offers an impressive range of hiking boots and shoes built for performance and engineered to last. Their boot uppers are made from high-quality, durable leathers and suedes. Nubuck leathers resist scuffs and abrasions while providing a flexible and comfortable wear. For enhanced weather protection, many Scarpa hiking models also incorporate breathable yet waterproof Gore-Tex linings. This combats rain and puddles while allowing sweat vapour to escape, keeping your feet dry and comfortable mile after mile.


Underfoot, Scarpa boots feature sturdy yet flexible Vibram rubber soles. Vibram has over 75 years of experience developing high-performance rubber compounds engineered for grip and longevity across a variety of terrains and conditions. Their rubber soles provide traction across mud, roots, rocks and scree. Combined with Scarpa's meticulously engineered sole units, the result is support and stability on even the most uneven ground.


Scarpa are best known for their legendary precision fit. Their boots are crafted around anatomical last shapes that provide an ergonomic profile around the foot and ankle. This snug and natural fit enhances comfort while reducing blisters and rub points during long mountain days. Scarpa's innovative lacing systems fine-tune the fit around the midfoot and ankle for a secure lockdown that prevents your feet from sliding during steep ascents or descents.



Some of Scarpa’s Most Popular Hiking Models


Terra GTX 
A lightweight and versatile three-season hiking model. Features a weatherproof yet breathable Gore-Tex lining and external suede and fabric upper. The Vibram sole provides dependable grip across diverse terrain and conditions. Praised for its immediate out-the-box comfort while providing all-day support, even with a heavy pack.


Moraine Plus GTX 
Ideal for challenging mountain environments, Scarpa's Moraine Plus has a thick premium leather upper backed by a Gore-Tex membrane. Supportive backstays cradle the ankle while the stiff midsole provides precision over uneven terrain. Known for its outstanding break-in comfort and foot security on high alpine treks, aggressive Vibram soles chew into loose rock and earth.


Mojito Trail GTX 
An athletic yet supportive light hiker perfect for hill walking, trekking and everyday outdoor use, the suede and fabric upper of the Mojito Trail sheds light rain and debris, while an athletic cut midsole ensures it stays nimble and close to the ground. Praised for its glove-like fit and ample toe room, Vibram Minimal Trek soles find traction across dirt, mud and gravel trails.  



Scarpa Mountaineering Boots 
From mixed ice routes to snowy summit pushes, Scarpa mountaineering boots provide elite protection and performance for the highest mountain objectives. Their innovative boots blend lightweight construction techniques with integrated insulation technologies to balance weight savings, warmth and weather protection.


Materials like Kevlar and carbon fibre reduce weight while providing exceptional rigidity underfoot. This improves front pointing power and edging precision on steep ice and firm snow. Integrated gaiter connections seal out spindrift while internal gaiters prevent snow and moisture from creeping inside the boot. Meanwhile, layers of insulation include heat-reflective aluminium and PrimaLoft synthetics that trap warmth without adding bulk.


For technical ascents, their precision fit and anatomical shaping ensure a locked-in feel around the midfoot and ankle. Crampon compatibility allows their mountaineering boots to accept step-in or strap-on crampons for forged traction up icy gullies and ridges.



Some of Scarpa’s Most Popular Mountaineering Boots


Phantom 6000 
An elite lightweight boot ideal for technical ascents and ice climbing, the Phantom 6000 consists of a Pertex fabric that reduces weight without compromising abrasion resistance. The Pebax plastic midsole maintains rigidity for edging stability, and PrimaLoft insulation and an integrated gaiter deliver warmth down to -20°C. Its close yet comfortable fit makes it popular with alpinists pushing their limits on vertical ice and mixed terrain.


Rebel Pro GTX 
An outstanding single boot for year-round mountaineering and ice climbing and featuring a combination of PrimaLoft insulation and heat-reflective aluminium, the Rebel Pro provides warmth well below freezing. The Gore-Tex lining blocks wind and moisture, while the stiff Pebax midsole and lugged Vibram outsole give traction across snow, ice and rock. Its robust yet precise fit makes it a go-to boot from winter hill walking to glaciated summits.


Nepal Cube GTX 
The Nepal Cube is a heavyweight high-altitude expedition boot engineered for the most extreme altitudes. Insulation rated to -40°C backed by a hardshell Gore-Tex gaiter and integrated tongue keep the elements at bay. The stiff carbon fibre midsole enables secure crampon connection even under heavy pack loads. Its roomy fit accommodates thick mountaineering socks and ample toe splay, while the hefty Vibram outsole grips snow, ice and loose rock. It’s the ultimate boot for 8000m peak expeditions.



Scarpa Climbing Shoes 
Scarpa make some of the most advanced climbing shoes on the market, utilising cutting-edge technologies and precision Italian craftsmanship. Their shoes are meticulously designed to suit the foot's natural anatomy. The close contour fit enhances precision and power on small edges while reducing dead space that can lead to looseness and inefficiency.


Many Scarpa shoes feature naturally shaped down-turned toe profiles and asymmetric lasts that reflect the distinctive angles of the foot. This improves power when edging and helps activate the big toe for smearing and friction generation.


Sticky natural rubber outsoles provide exceptional friction when smearing and edging on rock faces and boulders. On overhanging sport routes, softer, more friction-enhancing compounds boost grip for pulling through desperate crux sequences. The randing (the rubber trim around the toe and heel) has been carefully tapered and lowered to reduce bulk and enhance sensitivity underfoot.



Scarpa's Popular Climbing Shoe Range


One of Scarpa's most technical performance shoes is the Boostic model. The downturned profile and pointed asymmetric toe zone allow elite climbers to push their limits chasing distant clipping holds. A sticky gum rubber outsole and soft midsole help generate grip and friction when rocking up onto the toe on overhangs and roofs. The shoe also provides an ultra-precise fit for redpointing and competition climbing.


Instinct S 
An aggressive high-performance shoe built for steep sport climbing and bouldering, the Instinct S features a pronounced downturned toe profile which keeps weight firmly over the front of the foot to boost friction and reduce strain on the forearms and toes. The figure-hugging heel cup and Speed Lacing system make for a competition-like fit, while the soft sticky rubber toe patch adheres to miniscule edges and pockets.


Force V 
An outstanding all-rounder built to excel on rock from the gym to the crag, the Force V is made with a moderate downturn and heel, to give a secure yet comfortable fit. Well suited to slab climbing and edging as well as overhangs, the shoe’s Vibram XS Grip2 rubber sole provides versatile friction indoors and out. The Force V is praised as one of the best mid-level performance shoes suitable for all-day cragging and multi-pitch routes.



Scarpa Approach Shoes 
For scrambling up ridges and across broken terrain to reach distant rock walls and alpine faces, Scarpa's approach shoes deliver trail-hiking comfort with rock-gripping traction. Lightweight designs make it easy to move fast and keep your feet fresh for long approaches. Supportive EVA midsoles cushion the feet across rough ground while sticky rubber toes get a grip on rocks, tree roots and scree slopes.


Mesh uppers keep the weight down while providing breathability on sweaty bushwhacks. Many models feature hook lacing systems so you can secure the laces and slip them on and off between climbing pitches.  



Popular Scarpa Approach Shoes


A versatile and athletic approach shoe, the Mescalito is equally suited to the trail and the crag. A dual-density EVA midsole provides cushioning underfoot and shock absorption at heel strike. Vibram Megagrip rubber gives all-terrain traction and reflective hits boost visibility at night. The quick pull lacing lets you slip them on and off between pitches.


Scarpa's premium approach and light hiking shoe is ideal for fast-paced mountain days combining trail hiking and scrambling. Supportive midsole and deep lugged sole with Activ Impact System absorb shocks and provide grip over variable terrain. The durable upper resists abrasions and the breathable lining prevents sweaty feet. Hook lacing enables fast removal at the crag.


Master Pro GTX 
This is a sturdy weatherproof mountain approach shoe. Waterproof yet breathable Gore-Tex lining keeps feet dry crossing streams and hiking through damp meadows. Vibram soles maintain traction across wet rock and muddy trails. The Impact Brake System prevents heel blowouts on descents while the EVA midsole soaks up trail impacts. These are perfect for relentless Scottish winter approaches and alpine assaults.



Scarpa Trail Running Shoes

Scarpa also produces an innovative range of trail and mountain running shoes. Utilising athletic performance shoe technologies and their precision fit expertise, their running shoes are garnering attention from trail runners and fastpackers alike.


Lightweight mesh uppers keep the shoes highly breathable and fast-drying as you power uphill and stomp through ankle-deep stream crossings. EVA midsoles provide shock absorption and energy rebound to reduce leg fatigue across long distances. DuraTread rubber compounds equip the outsoles with traction across mud, gravel, roots and rock gardens.


Many feature Scarpa's Activ Fit insoles that support the arch and plantar fascia. This helps prevent soreness and injury when hammering out the miles on unforgiving mountain terrain. Other key technologies include the Activ Impact System, carefully engineered heel cushioning that softens impacts yet still provides stability; the Power Connection System, which is a widened platform under the midfoot to enhance balance and promote smooth transition through each stride; and a Pro-Balancer, a dual-density midsole that combines cushioning and heel support.



Scarpa’s Trail Running Highlights


The Spin is a nimble trail shoe built for racing over technical terrain. A close precision fit backed by shock-absorbing cushioning keeps feet protected when moving fast over rocks and roots. The Wet Traction rubber equips the outsole with grip across wet, muddy and dusty trails.


Ribelle Run 
A lightweight women's trail shoe, the Ribelle Run features a softer angled platform and Activ Fit arch support to suit female biomechanics and promote smoother heel to toe transition. The quick lace system allows fast one-pull adjustment to achieve a secure fit. This is ideal for trail marathons and fastpacking adventures.


Neutron 2 
A rugged long-distance trail runner, the Neutron 2 is built for ultra races and multi-day hikes. Maximum cushioning and supportive Pro-Balancer midsole provide comfort for all-day wear across rough terrain. Hard-wearing Michelin rubber on the outsole enhances longevity across hundreds of miles of rocky trails.



Waterproof Hiking Boots For All Weathers

As outdoor enthusiasts know all too well, British weather is notoriously fickle. Sunny skies and balmy temperatures can quickly give way to blustery winds and torrential downpours. Having the right gear makes heading outdoors in such variable conditions far more enjoyable. When it comes to footwear, having waterproof hiking boots can be a game changer.


While leather and suede uppers shed moderate rain and splashes effectively, they struggle in sustained wet weather. Feet eventually get soaked leading to discomfort, blisters and chill. That's where waterproof lined boots prove invaluable. Combining the durability of leather with an internal waterproof and breathable membrane prevents external moisture from seeping in.


The majority of Scarpa's hiking boots incorporate high-quality Gore-Tex liner membranes. Gore-Tex waterproof membranes contain over 9 billion microscopic pores per square inch. These pores prevent raindrops getting in while allowing sweat vapour from the inside to escape. This maintains a breathable and comfortable microclimate inside the boot regardless of the external conditions.


Scarpa integrates Gore-Tex linings into their boots using proprietary technologies that enhance durability and weather protection.


Gore-Tex Performance Comfort  
A fully waterproof and breathable membrane laminated to the internal surface of the upper, Gore-Tex maintains cool and dry comfort in fair and wet weather alike, and is featured in boots like the award-winning Terra GTX.


Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort 
This provides the same high-performance membrane but with an additional layer of synthetic PrimaLoft insulation sandwiched between the lining and outer upper. This added layer of protection keeps feet warm and dry even in freezing conditions, and is used in winter mountaineering boots like the Rebel Pro GTX.


Scarpa KFS (Kevlar-Fiber Shell) 
Select mountaineering boots feature an additional layer of Kevlar fibres laminated to the exterior surface of the Gore-Tex membrane. This enhances tear strength and abrasion resistance giving unrivalled weather protection in severe alpine environments. Examples include the mighty Phantom 8000 KFS which shields the feet during savage winter assaults on the biggest peaks.


Thanks to their clever membranes and construction techniques, Scarpa's waterproof lined boots shield your feet from the elements allowing you to hike and trek in warmth and comfort all year round.



Scarpa Fit Guide

To get the best performance and comfort from your Scarpa footwear, it’s essential to select the appropriate size and model for your needs. Scarpa boots tend to fit quite snugly — especially in technical mountaineering and climbing models. The tight precision fit enhances sensitivity, control and power transfer when edging and climbing.


However, the precise anatomical shaping also means you need to select the appropriate boot for your foot shape to achieve that perfect glove-like fit. Here's a brief guide on getting the right Scarpa size and style.


Scarpa Sizing

Scarpa boots run quite small. Most wearers need to size up 0.5 to 1 full size from their regular shoe size to achieve the ideal snug midfoot and toe fit.


Custom heat-moulding liners on some mountaineering boots like the Phantom Range allows the boots to mould to your feet for a tailored fit.


For the best precision, always try on Scarpa boots in-store with the hiking socks you plan to wear them with.


Width Fitting

Most Scarpa boots suit narrower feet best. The meticulous anatomical shaping leaves less room for variation than regular walking boots.


Their Outbound range offers a roomier technical fit for broader feet. These still provide great foothold, just with extra space for wider feet.


Some mountaineering boots like the Maverick GTX have expanded toe boxes to accommodate thick mountaineering socks and maintain heel and midfoot precision.


Design Specifics

Approach shoes tend to have softer outsoles and moderate to relaxed fits that make them suitable for wider feet and longer wear.


Hiking boots offer greater ankle support, weather protection and rugged outsoles. Choose based on required level of performance and cushioning.


Mountaineering boots have the most precise fits and rigid insoles for edging and crampon connection. Select the model based on intended terrain and insulation needs.


With the right size, model and performance category selected based on your intended usage, Scarpa boots will become like a second skin, ready to support you every step of the way on your outdoors adventures.



Vibram Soles: Traction You Can Trust

If you’ve ever examined the soles on quality hiking and climbing footwear, chances are you’ve come across the distinctive yellow octagon logo of Vibram. Founded in Italy in 1937 by mountaineer Vitale Bramani, Vibram has been a pioneering force in the development of high performance rubber soles purpose-built for outdoor pursuits.


Nearly all Scarpa boots and shoes feature Vibram rubber outsoles. This comes down to decades of partnership and Vibram’s status as the number one outsole choice for premium hiking and mountaineering brands. Vibram soles offer an unrivalled blend of traction, durability, shock absorption and versatility across an array of terrain and conditions.


Different compound formulations are meticulously engineered for specific applications and environments. Vibram Fuego XS Grip2, for example, has an all-round hiking outsole balancing grip and longevity across dirt, rock, roots and mud. Vibram Arctic Grip is a temperature-reactive winter hiking sole that remains pliable at cold temperatures to grip firm snow and ice. Vibram XS Trek has a lightweight lug pattern and provides traction and braking in mountain running shoes and fast hiking boots. Vibram Mont is an aggressive sole ideal for rocky via ferrata routes and scrambling. And Vibram Mulaz is a heavy-duty mountaineering outsole. Deep widely spaced lugs provide snow and ice traction even under heavy pack loads.


Scarpa combine Vibram’s proven sole compounds with their own performance-oriented midsole designs and geometries. The results are outsoles sculptured around the foot’s natural motion and engineered for top traction across alpine meadows, boulder fields, urban paths and everything in between. With the exceptional pairing of Scarpa and Vibram working in harmony, each sole becomes an extension of your foot; gripping, braking and responding instinctively through every stride and movement.



Scarpa Footwear: Activity-Specific Uses

With over 80 years of heritage building specialised footwear for mountaineering and climbing, Scarpa boots and shoes have evolved to excel across a breadth of outdoor activities and environments. Their innovative designs seamlessly balance precision and performance with all-day wearability. This makes them ideally suited for adventures.


From rugged coastal treks to Alpine hut-to-hut tours, Scarpa hiking boots provide tuned support for hauling a heavy pack over big miles and uneven terrain. Models like the award-winning Terra GTX are revered for their immediate out-the-box comfort, weather protection, and grip over varied trails. Advanced technologies like Activ Fit footbeds and Impact Brake Systems keep feet fresh and stable even when carrying 20kg+ packs across rough ground.


For multi-day backcountry trips and thru-hikes, Scarpa boots deliver durable mile-munching performance. Their mid-cut silhouette supports the ankle under load while maintaining freedom of movement. Breathable and waterproof Gore-Tex lining keeps feet dry across streams and sodden trails. Vibram rubber soles retain traction after hundreds of miles. Boot options like the SL Active provides a dialled balance of comfort, protection and lightweight versatility for big trips.


From the foothills to the big peaks, Scarpa’s trekking boots are built to carry you deep into mountain landscapes. Robust designs withstand abrasions while the snug and secure fit prevents feet sliding on off-camber trails. Rigid midsoles with shank supports provide all-day edging power and stability for hauling heavy packs over high passes. Warm, insulated Gore-Tex models like the Denali Plus equip you for relentless slogs up icy peaks.


Tested to the limit in the world's greater ranges, Scarpa mountaineering boots deliver elite performance from frozen couloirs to windswept summits. Their insulated boots trusted by expeditions to 8000m deliver warmth to -40°C yet retain remarkable sensitivity for technical ice climbing. Carbon fibre midsoles maximise edging precision and power when swinging ice tools up steep pitches and knife-edge arêtes. For elite alpinists pushing the limits of possibility, Scarpa footwear helps make the impossible achievable.


Ice Climbing 
Scarpa figure among the top footwear brands among hard-core ice climbers. Their rigid mountaineering boots maintain crampon stability and edging power when scaling vertical flows and mixed chimneys. Insulation balances warmth with sensitivity for placing screws and feet. Scarpa also craft high-performance ice and mixed climbing boots. Models like the Phantom6000 provide outstanding precision yet shed bulk to assist with thin smearing and technical hooks.


Rock Climbing 
Scarpa’s prowess engineering precision climbing shoes has made them a footwear brand of choice with rock jocks across the globe. Their downturned, high-tension lasts deliver power and control across small edges and pockets. Natural rubber compounds and soft midsoles enhance grip whether sport climbing, bouldering or traditional cragging. Versatile all-rounders like the Force V provide comfort for multi-pitch climbs while ultra-aggressive designs like the Instinct VS excel for pulling past desperate cruxes.


Via Ferrata 
For via ferrata and scrambling days, Scarpa approach shoes and sturdy hiking boots both fit the bill. Their sticky rubber toes grip steel rungs while the supportive midsoles reduce foot strain on long exposed traverses. The close secure fit prevents feet popping out of shoes when smearing across slabs and ridges. Weatherproof Gore-Tex lined models provide protection when navigating wet rock and vegetation.


Whether you're bagging Munros, trekking the Polish Tatras or attempting an audacious new route up a sheer granite wall, Scarpa offer precisely engineered footwear to enhance performance, keep you comfortable and stay securely planted to the terrain beneath your feet. Their innovative Italian designs infused with precision craftsmanship equip outdoor enthusiasts across the world to reach new heights season after season.

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