The North Face Slippers

The North Face is an iconic outdoor brand known for its high-performance gear designed for athletes and adventurers. However, many people don't realise that The North Face also makes incredibly comfortable, durable slippers perfect for wearing around the house.


An Introduction to The North Face Slipper Range

The North Face offers a varied selection of slippers for men, women, and kids. They use the same advanced technologies featured in their outdoor gear to create slippers with unrivalled levels of warmth, weather protection, and durability. Within each range, there are multiple style options, from slide-on mules to closed-toe slipper boots. There are also design choices for men and women.


Thermoball Slippers

The North Face Thermoball slippers integrate the brand’s own Thermoball™ insulation technology into the lining to provide unrivalled warmth, packability, and weather resistance. Thermoball™ consists of small, round synthetic clusters that mimic the heat-trapping properties of goose down by capturing warmth within countless tiny air pockets.  This proprietary synthetic insulation is created from bonded polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibres. PET is a highly durable, hydrophobic material that resists absorbing moisture. Each fibre strand is shaped into a radial cluster and treated with silicone to maximise loft and insulation.  The major benefit over natural down is Thermoball’sTM ability to retain warmth even when damp. The PET fibers resist absorbing water so the slipper lining continues insulating if feet sweat or get them wet outdoors. Down can lose insulating power when saturated. The North Face Thermoball slippers can be compressed down to half their size for packing into bags or suitcases. The outer slipper uppers are treated with a DWR (durable water-repellent) coating that causes water to bead up and roll off the surface while remaining breathable. Underfoot, grippy rubber outsoles ensure wet-weather traction. By integrating Thermoball’s™ unmatched packability, wet weather performance and durability into slippers, The North Face has created versatile footwear equally suited to outdoor adventures or relaxed at-home wear.


Novelty Slippers

The North Face novelty slipper range injects playful creativity into their classic footwear. These quirky designs add character to lounging at home through fun silhouettes and prints. Many novelty styles experiment with the classic slipper structure by adding 3D sculpted components. This includes animal faces, ears, or decorative shapes layered on top of the uppers. Novelty designs also play with unconventional patterns like camo, tie-dye, polka dots, or check prints. Novelty styles aimed at kids feature TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) overlays shaped into character features. TPU allows detailed moulding for vivid results like unicorn horns or superhero logo shapes that don’t compromise underfoot comfort. The printed patterns are embedded into the textile uppers rather than being surface designs. This Durabrush printing process ensures the prints remain crisp after repeated wear and washing. Some novelty designs also feature playful pom poms, sequins, and embroidered elements. These decorative touches add textural interest while remaining securely affixed over the long term. In addition to original concepts, The North Face also collaborates with popular entertainment franchises. There are slippers inspired by worlds like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney, and video games through officially licensed deals. The novelty styles retain The North Face’s performance features like ThermoBall™ insulation and grippy rubber outsoles. This marries fun designs with signature comfort and quality. With their lively colours, prints and silhouettes, The North Face novelty range provides a playful personality. The durable designs withstand energetic use by adults and kids alike thanks to the layers of technology hidden beneath the quirky exterior.


Scuff Slippers

Scuff slippers get their name from their low-profile design. Rather than a fully enclosed bootie silhouette, Scuff styles have open backs and low collars trimmed around the heel. This allows you to effortlessly slide your foot in and out without having to bend down to adjust any straps or zippers. The scuff design also promotes airflow around the foot for breathability. Many Scuff styles feature soft textile uppers made from fabric materials like cotton, wool or polyester blends. These have a casual, relaxed look while offering incredible comfort against the skin without constricting the foot. The North Face also crafts Scuff designs using buttery suede leather for a more luxurious feel. Both textile and suede uppers gently mould to the shape of the foot over time. The outsoles are made from flexible rubber that allows natural movement when walking while providing traction indoors. Scuff slippers are often lined with soft fleece or faux fur for incredible warmth and comfort. Underfoot, contoured footbeds cradle the arches to provide cushioning and support. Overall, the Scuff range from The North Face excels at fuss-free function. The pared-back silhouette slips on in seconds while the warm, plush linings cocoon your feet in comfort. Whether you prefer textile or suede uppers, the Scuff designs deliver relaxed style and feel-good wearability.


Bootie Slippers

The North Face Bootie slippers provide extra coverage and warmth with their slipper boot silhouette. Extending above the ankle, the bootie design fully encloses the foot and lower leg to retain heat and protect against the elements. Many Bootie styles feature a wool blend lining made from responsibly sourced merino wool. This regulates temperature by absorbing and evaporating moisture. As feet sweat, the wool fibres wick moisture away from the skin while still maintaining warmth. This creates an optimised microclimate inside the bootie. Some Bootie slippers also integrate The North Face’s Thermoball™ insulation. This lightweight, compressible synthetic fill mimics goose down to trap heat in tiny pockets of air. Combining the temperature-regulating wool blend with heat-retaining Thermoball™ insulation enables The North Face Bootie slippers to keep feet warm across varying conditions. The bootie uppers are crafted from water-resistant suede leather or durable textile fabrics. Many styles have a waterproof seam-sealed construction and moisture-wicking FlashDry™ linings inside. Some designs feature a Gore-Tex membrane to make them completely waterproof while remaining breathable. Underfoot, compression-moulded EVA foam midsoles provide cushioned comfort and rebound. Rubber outsoles give traction on slick surfaces with defined lugs to channel water away. The chunky treads also ensure the slipper boots perform reliably outdoors. With technologies like injecting shank stabilisers and external heel counters integrated into their structure, The North Face Bootie slippers offer performance capabilities beyond typical slippers. Additional components like duffle cuffs, drawcords and toggle closures allow you to customise the fit. Overall, the Bootie range combines the coverage and performance of a boot with the cosy comfort of a slipper. The many technical features enable them to excel across a variety of situations and conditions for true indoor/outdoor versatility.


Shearling Slippers

The North Face Shearling slippers provide ultimate warmth and comfort, thanks to being luxuriously lined with UGGplush™ shearling wool. This natural shearling lining envelops feet in plush softness while insulating effectively even in very cold conditions. Shearling refers to a sheepskin pelt that has been shorn to a uniform depth, leaving a luxurious collar of fur intact. UGGplush™ shearling has a wool pile height of 10mm for a rich, indulgent feel underfoot. The North Face sources their shearling from responsibly managed farms before undergoing a rigorous inspection process. The dense sheepskin interior acts as a natural thermostat by wicking away moisture while retaining body heat. Tiny air pockets within the shearling fibres trap warmth but still allow air circulation for breathability. This creates the perfect microclimate around the foot. Some North Face Shearling slippers also integrate a moisture-wicking FlashDry™ lining under the shearling upper. Others feature a felted-wool blend footbed that conforms to the individual shape of the foot. This provides customised arch support and cushioning. The durable suede leather upper resists scuffs and stains while allowing the slippers to flex naturally with each step. Compression-moulded rubber outsoles provide traction indoors and out. By pairing rich, insulating shearling wool with performance technologies, The North Face Shearling slippers offer cloud-like comfort with outdoor functionality. They can withstand winter temperatures while keeping feet blissfully comfortable thanks to the temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking capabilities of the premium shearling lining. The indulgent shearling interior provides a truly luxurious homewear experience. The North Face Shearling slippers promise unbeatable warmth and comfort even on the coldest days.


The North Face Slipper Technologies and Materials

Now let’s look at some of the key technologies and materials used by The North Face to create high-performance slippers.


Thermoball™ Insulation

The North Face integrates its proprietary Thermoball™ insulation into many slipper linings to provide unrivalled warmth, compression and weather resistance. This advanced synthetic insulation mimics the properties of goose down but with added performance benefits. Thermoball™ consists of small, round synthetic clusters made from bonded polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibres. Each fibre strand is shaped into a radial cluster that traps heat within tiny air pockets to retain warmth like down. The clusters are treated with a silicone coating to maximise fluffiness and warmth. With an impressive 700 fill power, Thermoball™ provides more insulation per gram than many rival materials. It resists losing loft over time thanks to extensive compression testing during development. A key advantage over natural down is Thermoball’s™ ability to maintain insulation capacity even when damp. The PET fibers resist absorbing moisture unlike down which loses loft. This gives The North Face Thermoball slippers a proven wet-weather performance. Weighing 60% less than the equivalent down, Thermoball™ allows for superior packability. The slippers compress down small to stow away neatly in bags and suitcases, ready to provide instant warmth when needed. By integrating this advanced synthetic insulation into slipper linings, The North Face harnesses its unmatched combination of compressible warmth and all-weather resilience.


PrimaLoft® Insulation

Selected The North Face slipper styles use PrimaLoft® insulation - an ultra-fine microfiber fill that replicates down properties. The microfibers trap body heat within countless tiny air pockets to provide effective warmth without weight. PrimaLoft® is crafted from recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) fibres spun into a permanent lofted structure. The fibres resist absorbing water, maintaining over 95% of warmth even when wet. With a CLO value of 0.60cm3/g, PrimaLoft® rivals natural down for insulation per gram. The microfiber’s permanent loft eliminates cold spots and airflow. An added nano-level water repellent maximises dryness. Compression testing ensures consistent performance despite repeated packing. PrimaLoft® retains 98% of its original warmth after multiple compressions. By replicating down properties in a synthetic form, PrimaLoft® gives The North Face slippers lightweight yet potent insulation unaffected by dampness. This delivers comfort across varying conditions.


FlashDry™ Lining

The North Face FlashDry™ lining integrated into select slippers uses proprietary fibre technology to instantly wick moisture away from the foot. The ultra-fine fibres have a high surface area that absorbs and disperses sweat and vapour. FlashDry’s™ cross-sectional, biomimetic geometry draws moisture along the fibres through capillary action. This transports sweat to the exterior of the lining at an unmatched rate. The hydrophilic fibres absorb over 3 times their weight in water. Treatment with Hydro Guard LC boosts the internal slipper lining’s natural water repellency. FlashDry™ also has permanent odour control thanks to Silvadur™ mineral ions that inhibit the growth of bacteria. High breathability prevents stuffiness. By rapidly wicking sweat away from the foot and controlling odours, The North Face FlashDry™ slipper linings provide cool, dry comfort and an optimised microclimate.


Wool Blend Linings

The North Face carefully blends wool with other fibres like polyester to create soft, breathable slipper linings with temperature-regulating benefits. The merino wool interior linings come from ethically sourced, non-mulesed sheep. The wool fibres naturally absorb and evaporate sweat while retaining insulating warmth. This moisture control creates a comfortable microclimate. Blending with polyester improves shape retention and durability compared to 100% wool. The controlled blend ratio balances wool’s benefits with enhanced longevity and washability. Some linings feature Virgin Wool™ responsibly sourced from land stewardship programs. This ethically harvested wool undergoes strict testing for performance consistency. Underfoot, felted-wool blend sock liners provide contoured arch support that conforms to the exact shape of the foot. By blending premium wool with synthetic fibres, The North Face delivers soft, breathable slipper linings with customised comfort and temperature regulation.


Waterproof Construction

The North Face waterproof slippers utilise a seam-sealed construction to prevent exterior water from penetrating inward. All seams and stitches are sealed with waterproof tape during manufacturing. The uppers consist of waterproof leathers or tightly woven textile fabrics treated with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating. This causes water to bead on the surface rather than absorb. Waterproof membranes or bootie linings made from materials like Gore-Tex allow vapour to pass through while remaining impenetrable to rain and snow. Some outsoles integrate UltrATAC™ lugs and channels that provide wet weather traction while dispersing water and debris efficiently. By sealing seams and integrating waterproof components, The North Face creates slippers that retain warmth and keep feet dry in wet winter conditions.


TPR Outsoles

The North Face integrates temperature-sensitive TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) into some slipper outsoles. This intelligent material stays flexible in cold temperatures to prevent cracking. The pliable TPR compound resists hardening when temperatures drop below freezing. Advanced polymers and plasticisers stop the rubber from stiffening and fracturing. Lugged tread patterns on TPR outsoles channel water away and provide slip resistance on slick surfaces. The lugs also ensure reliable traction outdoors. The grippy yet flexible TPR outsoles allow The North Face slippers to be worn outdoors in cold climates without compromising underfoot comfort or stability.


Suede and Textile Uppers

The North Face crafts plush slipper uppers using soft suede leather or textile fabrics like polyester fleece. Both provide durable comfort and warmth. The premium suede retains its luxurious feel after repeated wear while resisting scuffs, stains and abrasion. A durable water-repellent treatment enhances wet weather performance. Cosy textile uppers feature delightful fabrics like faux fur or patterned prints. Many textile styles have a warm Sherpa fleece lining for cloud-like comfort. Regardless of material, intricate stitching adds decorative interest while reinforcing high-stress areas for greater longevity. By selecting rich suede leather or sumptuous textile fabrics, The North Face creates slippers with indulgent softness and durability.


Ergonomic Designs

Applying research on foot anatomy and motion, The North Face sculpts ergonomic slipper designs that provide customised arch support and stability. Contoured footbeds cradle the arch and heel using dual-density EVA foam. The firm foam base layer stabilises while a softer top foam moulds comfortably. Some footbeds feature Dri-Lex® fabric for moisture wicking. Integrated shank stabilisers reinforce the midsole to guide the foot through the gait cycle. This prevents excess pronation or supination. OrthoLite® Impressions insoles on some styles offer rebound and breathability. The soft foam perfectly mirrors the foot’s shape for a personalised fit. By tailoring slippers to the natural shape and movement of the foot, The North Face delivers advanced comfort and support for all-day wear.


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