Head Torches

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Head torches are the ideal tech when caving deep in the earth or hiking in a dimly lit woodland trail. Our head torches range stock many designs and sizes, with a number of useful functions and features for illuminating a campsite to guiding your way. From small and lightweight, to ultra-bright heavy duty torches, we have your needs covered. Browse our selection of torches below and find a torch which will provide the light source you need for your next adventure. 


Our rechargeable head torch is perfect for those who need a powerful and reliable torch that can be easily recharged. Rechargeable LED head torches are vital for longevity when out on multi-day hikes or camping and caving adventures. A good head torch should be lightweight so you forget it’s even there and can concentrate on the task at hand. All from top brands including Black Diamond, Blue Mountain, Petzl, and Silverpoint, all designed for comfort and functionality, whatever your activity. Having adjustable lighting modes and beam distances makes these torches invaluable in a variety of night-time situations and should be an essential part of any outdoor kit. You can also opt for our torches and lanterns to keep your nice and bright.

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