Rab have been making world class expedition clothing and equipment for over thirty years. From waterproof jackets to sleeping bags that perform in sub-zero conditions, Rab outdoor clothing will excel in the most challenging environments. A British brand with a world wide appeal, Rab is made for the most extreme conditions in the world.


Founded in the UK, Rab began by specialising in high performance down sleeping bags. Today, Rab produces a range of outdoor kit that frees climbers to go further, higher and quicker than ever before.

By using the highest quality, lightweight materials Rab remains at the forefront of innovation and performance. From their super lightweight bivi bags to tough, waterproof and breathable eVent™ jackets, Rab have created some of the most hardwearing and specialist kit in the world.

Simply put, by using materials that are designed to perform they’ve created award winning kit that changes the way we interact with the outdoors; like their range of MeCo base layers that blend synthetic and natural fibres, or the use of Pertex Shield+® in their range of lightweight waterproofs.

For the most extreme conditions in the world

Rab clothing and equipment has been designed using some of the finest materials available and painstakingly refined over thirty years of practical use and experience. Scroll the selection below for a few pieces from their range and get the inspiration to go exploring.


Rab have always used innovations in technology to create a range of high quality outdoor clothing and equipment. From the use of the latest materials to sourcing premium quality down and synthetic insulation, Rab take every part of a product and ensure that it is fine-tuned to perfection.

Rab® was the first outdoor gear manufacturer in the world to use Pertex® in the production of down sleeping bags and jackets, allowing them to create a product that took climbers and mountaineers into new and previously inaccessible parts of the world.

To this very day the relationship between product, materials and the userremains at the very heart of all their outdoor kit and equipment. Their MeCo base layers for example combine Merino wool with a synthetic material impregnated with 37.5® to produce a garment that truly benefits from the best of both.


It was major breakthroughs in technology that first enabled founder Rab Carrington to make his own climbing gear. Today Rab are at the forefront of innovation, with materials such as their MeCo base layers, Pertex Shield+® waterproofs and a wide range of Polartec® insulation.

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