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Ayacucho - Sale

Give a little back when you shop Ayacucho® in the Cotswold Outdoor end-of-season sale. Browse our Ayacucho® sale pieces and discover tops, fleeces, jackets, shirts, and more , all for fantastic prices – make this a winter of adventure. Whether you’re going for a winter walk with the family, hiking in the hills, or want to stay warm this winter, check out our sale offers on outdoor clothing, footwear, and equipment with Ayacucho® and shop responsibly. Give a little back in the form of premium, responsible outdoor clothing and kit with a fantastic range of clothing and equipment, all designed with a focus on responsible, careful sourcing and modern-day technological advancement, giving your adventure the welcome combination of responsibility, comfort and style. 


Cotswold Outdoor works with Solid, a private foundation that sets up projects to combat global poverty. Solid invests in environmental community development and the intensive training and supervision of vulnerable groups – initially focussing on the Peruvian Ayacucho region and in Kenya and India. They are allowing locals to acquire knowledge to take control of their own lives. Many products in our Ayacucho collection also meet one or more environmental criteria and are available in the Cotswold Outdoor Our Planet collection.


Ayacucho® helps young and old to venture into the world with high-quality outfits and material that lasts for years. With Ayacucho®, quality, technical outdoor clothing is a standard, with pieces designed to function to a high standard in challenging environments. So whether you’re after a new waterproof jacket for hiking in the hills, a warm fleece for cabin stays away, or a new pair of hiking trousers for mountain expeditions – discover the best for less with the Ayacucho® collection in the Cotswold Outdoor sale.

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