What Does It Mean To Make The Right Choice?

When it comes to getting the most out of your time outdoors, having the right kit is essential. When the time comes to invest in your next piece of kit, it’s our mission to help you ‘make the right choice’. But what does that mean exactly? Sometimes the answer might seem obvious; at others, a little trickier. In reality, what constitutes making the right choice is multi-faceted and personally tailored to you. Ultimately, it’s about getting things right, first time around. Our experts will help you do just that by finding you kit that fits you properly, is fit for purpose, works well with the kit you already own, and is built to last so it benefits both you and the planet in the long term.


In-Store Expert

“I’d like every customer to receive the advice that I wished I’d received when I first started buying equipment to spend time outside.”

How does it feel to make the right choice?

Outdoor kit exists to be used and enjoyed. Anything that gets in the way of you using it, is a sign that that kit wasn’t quite the right choice for you. We all make mistakes (especially when we’re starting out) because when it comes to kit, there’s a lot of choice out there and technical jargon to navigate. We’ve all bought kit that either wasn’t quite right, didn’t perform as well as we’d hoped, or just didn’t feel very comfortable once we put it through its paces. That’s where our experts come in. They’ve got unrivalled knowledge that’s born from experience and they’re passionate about helping you make the right choice, first time around. Why? Ultimately, it all comes down to this: 




When you love a piece of kit...


you trust it and use it again and again.



When you love a piece of kit...


you look after it and maintain it as best you can, to keep it performing at its best.



When you love a piece of kit...


you go out of your way to repair it if it gets damaged, to extend its life and keep taking it with you on even more adventures.

When you feel and do all of these things with your kit, that's when you know you've made the right choice.


That's how we want you to feel about every piece of kit you invest in with us.





In-Store Expert


“I think our in-store experts are just that. They are absolute experts in their field. Any Cotswold Outdoor store that you walk into, someone is going to have the knowledge, experience and advice that you need, and they are going to be willing to give it to you at the drop of a hat.”

What do we consider when helping you to make the right choice?

1. Finding the right kit for your specific adventures

You’ve made the right choice if your kit performs in the environments you intended to use it. On the one hand, if you’re taking on bigger adventures in extreme conditions, that might mean investing in the best quality kit out there to ensure it’s up to the job. On the other, if you spend most of your time outdoors walking the dog on the local trails, we’ll make sure you walk away with kit that’s perfect for that. In short, we’ll talk to you and find out exactly what kind of things you love doing or specific adventures you’ve got planned, show you some options and figure out what suits you best, together. What we won’t do is try to sell you something you don’t need, just because it’s more technical or more expensive. 


In-Store Expert

“At Cotswold Outdoor you’ll find a lot of choice but we’ll help you to make the most accurate decision as to what you want and need for a particular outdoor experience.”

2. Helping you make a more sustainable choice for the planet

Whilst we won’t advise you to buy the most expensive kit if it’s not right for you, we will encourage you to invest in the best quality item you can, that’s fit for your adventures. That’s because we believe making the right choice is also about making a sustainable choice. Investing in quality kit means it lasts longer and doesn’t need to be replaced as quickly, so much less of it ends up in landfill. It also represents better value for money for you in the long term. If the item’s right, we’ll also help guide you towards products that have been made using more sustainable production practices or that utilise recycled materials, and try to champion brands that put sustainability at the forefront of what they do. Because making the right choice is also about doing right by the planet too.


In-Store Expert


“If you’re looking to explore buying sustainable products in-store, speak to one of our experts. We know which brands are actively pushing to be more sustainable in their production practices and can help to close that loop.”

3. Helping you priortise your kit choices and find kit that complements what you already own

Making the right choice is an ongoing journey. Most people build up their kit list over months and years, starting with the essentials and adding to it as they go and as their experience of outdoors evolves. If you’re just starting out, we’ll make sure you get a solid base of core kit to build upon. If you’re already enjoying the outdoors, we’ll talk to you about what kit you already have and what new kit will work well in conjunction with it. That could be what mid-layer will fit best under your existing shell jacket, or what walking shoes might be a better option for summer treks than your winter boots. In short, it’s a choice based on what’s personal to you and your current setup. We won’t advise you to buy a new waterproof jacket if you’ve already got one that still works perfectly well, or will do again with some care or repair. We’ll help you make the right choice based on what you already have and what you need going forward, so your kit setup is quality, focused, works well together as whole and contains everything you need it to. 


In-Store Expert

“Coming in to see an expert really allows you to get good advice and also ask any specific questions that you might have.”

4. Making sure you’ve got the right fit

Once we’ve established what kit you need, the last part of process is making sure that kit fits you exactly right. Because no matter how good your kit is, if it isn’t comfortable, it won’t perform at its best, or worse, you won’t be able to wear it at all. It’s often overlooked or left to guess work but finding the right fit is a huge part of making the right choice. That’s why we offer free, expert boot and rucksack fitting services in-store, to make sure you find the right fit first time around. 




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