Our Top Footwear Picks 2022

Your outdoor footwear is one of the most important items in your kit list. Choose well and your shoes will support your feet (and ankles, if you choose a boot), absorb shock from the ground and reduce fatigue, keeping your feet comfortable even on all-day adventures. With such a huge range to choose from, we asked out footwear buyers to recommend their favourite footwear for every activity – here are their top picks.

The go-to option for most walkers, these boots are sturdy and versatile making them perfect for hill walking and long distance hikes as well as walking in wet weather and over challenging terrain. Waterproof, breathable and highly durable, stiffer soles also provide a more stable, well-cushioned platform to stand on, whilst a higher cut supports and protects your ankles.



Offering more ankle support than a shoe but less bulk and a lighter option than a full-on boot, mid-boots are a great, versatile choice. Though not as ideal as walking boots for tackling full-on multi-day hikes, they are perfect for fast-paced adventures that combine some longer low-level walks on well-defined trails, with casual strolls and general everyday use.



On short, flat routes or in warm, dry weather walking boots can sometimes feel a little overkill. Walking shoes offer a great lightweight alternative and are perfect for fast and light walks, whilst still offering underfoot comfort and protection on routes where the terrain doesn’t get too tough and ankle support isn't critical.



Occupying the middle ground between climbing and hiking, approach shoes are a hybrid of hiking and climbing shoes, offering the comfort and protection of the former with the sticky grip of the latter. For climbers and scramblers especially, they’re an essential piece of footwear that provides stability and traction on rocky technical terrain on the way to a crag, but also comfort for walking miles on the trail. 



Take your run off-road. Built to thrive on the trickiest surfaces, with better grip, tougher materials and lots of cushioning, these trail runners are your gateway to a whole new world of active adventure off the beaten track.