Caring for your tent

This guide will give you tips and advice on how to best care for your tent, extending its life and ensuring it performs when you need it most.

Caring for your tent properly with the right products, will help it last much longer, giving you years of pleasure. Regular tent care will also help to control the onset of mildew, a fungus that can seriously damage your tent. Read on to find out more on tent care.

How to care for your tent

Looking after your tent

There are some really simple things that you can do to keep your tent in great condition, ready for your next adventure. Here are our top 3 things you can do next time you go camping.

  • Use a footprint to prevent your sewn in groundsheet from puncturing. Sharp rocks and ground can quickly diminish the lifetime of your tent, this is a great way to prolong it.

  • Pack your tent away clean, making sure it is bone dry. To do this, hang it over your washing line or out in the garage. Putting away a tent that is dirty and wet will shorten the lifespan of your tent.

  • Clean and protect your tent periodically. Fully
    re-proofing and cleaning your tent will keep it in tip top condition to tackle the outdoor elements, giving you the confidence to go out, whatever the weather.

Tips for avoiding mildew and mould

  • 1

    Shake and wipe off
    as much water as you can before packing it away. Use a dry cloth or towel but make sure that it has not been washed with detergent. This can damage your tents waterproof treatment.

  • 2

    Air dry your tent.
    If you are car camping then you can hang your tent over the boot before you leave. If not, make sure you air it when you get home either outside or in a spare room. Make sure it dries totally.

  • 3

    Don't leave it damp
    for too long if you have to pack it away wet. Leaving this for too long is the number one cause of an early tent death. Make it a priority to dry out when you get home.