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About Passenger

Passenger want to inspire people to find their paths, push their boundaries, and embrace their journey, whatever that might be. Their ethos is simple: Aim to share their passions and unite like-minded individuals through a sense of community. Born through escapism, the constant desire to get off-grid, wander, travel, and connect to people and nature is at the heart of Passenger.


Calling the New Forest home, Passenger are situated just a few minutes from the coast and the woods, a constant source of inspiration for them. Paying attention to the details - Passenger weave stories of escapism into the fabric of their products. The smell of a campfire on a beanie or the sweat stain on a favourite t-shirt... Passenger believe that what you wear reflects who you are and that each design tells a different tale. Inspired by a desire to live a life of memorable adventures – big or small, short or long - for Passenger, it has never been about the destination, but rather, the journey that leads us there and the memories we make along the way. That’s what’s most important.



Stories of meaningful escapism are woven into the fabric of Passenger clothing, each piece a tale yet to be told, and each one responsibly designed and created for everyday adventure. Escaping the day-to-day, finding escapism in our passions, our crafts and in nature is what recharges us.


Rooted in nature, connection and wellbeing, Passenger clothes offer the roamers, dreamers and 5-9 adventurers premium quality with soul and a lower footprint. And with responsibility at its heart, it’s everything you need and nothing you don’t. The everyday appeal of a Passenger fleece, for instance, is a testament to craftsmanship and quality.  


Low-footprint products shouldn’t cost the earth, so everything is manufactured with the most responsible materials possible. Passenger partners with progressive, ethical manufacturers that share the company’s values.  


For every order, Passenger plants a tree; it has done since day one, and always will. The company’s tree count surpassed 500,000 in early 2023 and alongside planting varied native species all over the globe, Passenger vows to protect existing trees and soils through its work with The Rainforest Trust. To date, Passenger has helped protect more than 28 million sqm of rainforest.  

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