Men's Hoodies

Temperature Ratings

Hoodies meant for cold weather may have a temperature rating indicating how well they retain heat:


Lightweight Hoodies

When the chill of autumn arrives or you need an extra layer for a cool summer night, reach for a lightweight men’s hoodie. These hoodies have a lower insulation rating around 13-18°C, making them transitional pieces perfect for layering. A lightweight hoodie's breathable fabric prevents overheating while providing just enough warmth. Features like a jersey lining enhance temperature control by wicking away perspiration. Athletic cuts allow a full range of motion for active pursuits like hiking and biking during shoulder season. Light colours and moisture-wicking performance fabrics keep you coolly comfortable on the golf course or tennis courts as summer wanes. For seaside bonfires and nights camping under the stars, a lightweight hoodie adds warmth without the weight. Storm flaps, drawcords and scuba hoods protect from coastal winds without sacrificing breathability. Lightweight hoodies strike an ideal balance for 55-70°F temps. When the cold poses only a minor threat, these adaptable layers allow comfort without bulk. Break out your lightweight hoodie as the warm days of summer give way to crisper autumn weather.


Midweight Hoodies

When winter's bite turns harsh, midweight men's hoodies with 150-200g insulation have your back. Their ample warmth shines in -4 to 13°C temperatures typical of British winters. Midweight hoodies feature plush linings like Sherpa fleece that trap precious body heat without limiting mobility. Athletic cuts accommodate your full range of movement while cosy thumbholes and tall stand collars keep frigid air from sneaking in. Insulated handwarmer pockets provide portable heat packs for numb fingers. Technical shells like softshells repel snow and wind. Adjustable hoods and hem cinches seal out drafts. Thanks to their temperate insulation rating, midweight hoodies pull double duty for activities like skiing and snowboarding. They can be layered under a shell or work alone when you pick up the pace. For functionality across winter weather from snow days to ski trips, a midweight men's hoodie brings the heat.


Heavy Duty Hoodies

Only a heavy-duty men's hoodie with 350g+ insulation can conquer the subzero cold of alpine adventures and polar expeditions. These hoodies carry temperature ratings down to a frigid -18°C and below. Thick sherpa and teddy bear fleece linings envelop you in a warming embrace no winter wind can penetrate. Technical nylon or softshell exteriors shield against snow, sleet and cutting gusts. Articulated seaming allows unrestricted mobility when scaling frozen peaks. Features like RECCO® avalanche reflectors provide an extra margin of safety. Heavy-duty men’s hoodies keep field researchers, photographers and mountaineers toasty in the planet's most punishing environments. When your travels take you to the ends of the earth, make sure your hoodie is up for the expedition. With their exceptional insulation, heavy-duty hoodies can weather even the most extreme cold.


Men’s Hoodie Styles and Features

Men's hoodies come in many different styles to suit various climates and activities. Here are some of the most popular hoodie options:


Pullover Hoodies

Nothing beats the comfort of slipping on a classic pullover hoodie. The trademark kangaroo pocket provides a cosy spot to rest hands or stow small essentials. Drawstrings cinch the hood to seal out the chill while still allowing freedom of movement. Pullovers' laidback style pairs perfectly with loungewear like joggers and slippers for relaxing around home. Cotton-blend fabrics have just the right amount of give without losing shape. Details like team logos, embroidery and ombre dyes amp up the visual interest. Thanks to their easy-wearing nature, pullover hoodies work for everything from grabbing the mail to running errands about town. Their casual vibe transitions seamlessly from the couch to the campground. Pullovers skip tricky zippers and hardware that may catch or jam. Simply pull it overhead and you're on your way. For no-fuss comfort, the classic pullover hoodie has you covered.


Zip-Up Hoodies

Zip-up hoodies serve up versatility however you like it. Leave the zipper down for rapid ventilation, halfway for adjustable warmth or close up to seal out the elements. Unlike pullovers, zip-up hoodies let you control your coverage and airflow. Cotton-poly blends provide a soft, breathable feel that holds up to frequent use. Details like colour-blocking, quilted stitches and metallic zippers add an urban edge. Zippers make slipping a hoodie on and off a breeze, perfect for layering or quickly adapting to changing conditions. Active guys appreciate how zip-ups allow access to interior pants pockets and accommodate a greater range of movement. The custom coverage works equally well for hitting the trail as hunkering down the fireside. Zips also make for easier personalisation with DIY embellishments. When your hoodie needs to change by the hour, the adaptability of a zip-up has you covered.


Active Hoodies

Active hoodies are game changers for exercise, wicking away sweat to keep you dry mile after mile. Technical fabrics like polyester and spandex blend smoothly against the skin while breathing actively. Ergonomic seams avoid chafing and binding for zero distractions during training. Scuba hoods, thumb holes and long cuffs seal out drafts that can sap energy. Mesh inserts dial-up ventilation right where you need it most. Zippers allow rapid heat dumping and easy in-and-out wear over gym clothes. Reflective hits enhance visibility along dimly lit routes after dusk. Pockets stash energy gels and keys within quick reach. Athletic cuts allow a full range of motion from downward dogs to deadlifts. Moisture management and strategic insulation take the chill off pre-workout and keep you cool. The next time you gear up for your personal best, reach for an active hoodie.


Fleece Hoodies

Plush fleece hoodies lend cosy warmth to active outdoor pursuits without overheating. Lightweight fleeces work as cool weather mid-layers under shells and puffers. Heavyweight fleeces can go solo on cold-but-dry days. Polyester fleece dries quickly if you work up a sweat while stretch fabrics accommodate free movement. Athletic cuts eliminate bulk while flatlock seams prevent abrasion under backpacks and harnesses. Wind-resistant softshell varieties add weather protection for the windiest trails and slopes. Some feature removable sleeves for customised coverage. Breathable insulation and wicking performance make fleece hoodies ideal for everything from skiing to mountaineering. And they transition effortlessly from the slopes to the streets once the gear comes off. For outstanding warmth with ample mobility, fleece hoodies can't be beaten.


Rain Hoodies

When wet weather strikes, rain hoodies keep you comfortably dry. Advanced waterproof fabrics like Gore-Tex form an impenetrable moisture barrier that still breathes. Sealed seams, storm flaps and adjustable cuffs work together to keep raindrops and wind outside where they belong. Athletics cuts allow dynamic movement for vigorous activities like cycling, climbing and paddle sports even in a downpour. Packable designs can be quickly stowed in your daypack when the sun peeps through. Some feature removable hoods to adapt to changing conditions. Breathable insulation maintains comfort when lugging gear. So don't let stormy skies keep you inside - grab a rain hoodie and head outdoors.


Materials Used in Men's Hoodies

When it comes to men's hoodies, the materials used can make all the difference in terms of performance, durability and comfort. Here are some of the most common fabrics and features found in men's hoodies:


Outer Shell Materials

The outer shell is a critical component of any hoodie, as it determines how well the garment holds up to wear and weather. When selecting a men's hoodie, pay close attention to the shell fabric.

  1. Cotton/Polyester Blends → A cotton/polyester blended shell offers the best of both worlds for an everyday men's hoodie. Cotton is prized in apparel for its supreme softness, breathability and ability to maintain warmth. However, cotton hoodies may lack the resilience and longevity desired for regular use. This is where polyester comes in. Polyester fibres are synthetically engineered for durability, shape retention and colourfastness. Blending cotton with polyester creates a shell fabric that provides next-to-skin comfort while standing up to repeated wear. A cotton/poly hoodie shell breaks in nicely, maintaining its texture wash after wash without excessive pilling. The cotton content keeps the shell breathable so you don't overheat, while the polyester content gives it the structure to hold its shape around the collar, cuffs, waistband and pockets. For the man looking for his daily driver hoodie, cotton/poly can't be beaten. This versatile blended shell has the comfort for lounging around the house and the ruggedness for heading out on the town.
  2. Nylon Shells → When your men's hoodie needs to work as hard as you do, reach for one with a nylon shell. Nylon is valued in performance apparel for its strength, abrasion resistance and water repellency. A tightly constructed nylon hoodie shell protects from the elements while optimising airflow to prevent overheating. The dense weave blocks wind and rain from penetrating while the natural breathability of nylon allows water vapor to escape. Active men choose nylon-shelled hoodies for outdoor pursuits from hiking to hunting. The shell stands up to brush, branches and brambles while wicking moisture during high-exertion activities. Features like adjustable hoods and reinforced seams enhance the protective qualities. A DWR (durable water repellent) treatment causes moisture to bead on the surface rather than soak in. Even if conditions are less than ideal outdoors, a nylon shell hoodie has you covered.
  3. Softshell Fabrics → Softshell fabrics balance wind and water resistance with pliable stretch for movable insulation in men's hoodies. Tightly constructed polyester or nylon exterior shells prevent gusts and moisture from penetrating. A soft fleece backing traps body heat next to the skin. The paired exterior protection and interior warmth make softshell hoodies ideal mid-layers for activities like skiing, snowboarding and winter hiking. Unlike rigid hard shells, softshell fabric maintains stretch and breathability. The increased mobility keeps you comfortable while dynamically engaging in cold-weather sports. Features like adjustable wrist gaiters and drawcords seal out drafts without impeding your range of motion. A polyester or nylon softshell hoodie delivers vital insulation that moves with you. When chill and exertion go hand in hand, reach for a softshell.

Lining Materials

Some men’s hoodies feature inner linings for additional insulation and comfort:

  1. Sherpa Fleece Linings →The plush texture of sherpa fleece makes it a popular lining for men's hoodies seeking serious warmth. Sherpa's thick pile resembles sheepskin in both appearance and feel. The fibres trap air close to the body to retain heat. This woolly insulation excels at keeping the chill at bay. Sherpa remains soft and cosy against the skin without being overly bulky or heavy. It works as a lining for both lightweight and heavyweight hoodies to amplify their warming power. Sherpa hoodie linings shine in frigid conditions. Features like fleece-lined handwarmer pockets and a banded hem prevent cold air from sneaking in. For men living in cold climates or partaking in winter activities, a sherpa lining delivers luxurious warmth when you need it most. Just be sure to wash gently and allow to fully dry to maintain that fresh-from-the-farm fluffiness.
  2. Flannel Linings → A flannel lining gives the interior of men's hoodies an extra dose of warmth and woodsy style. The brushed texture feels pleasantly fuzzy, providing close comfort without irritation. Flannel's cotton fabric and loose twill weave supply cosy insulation that breathes well. It manages moisture better than full-pile fleece to prevent damp chill. The soft, lived-in look and feel make flannel well-suited to casual, outdoorsy hoodies meant for kicking back after a day outdoors. From buffalo plaid to solid tones, the flannel's palette matches the rustic vibe. While flannel may not be as thickly insulating as sherpa or fleece, it adds readily available warmth perfect for autumns in the woods. Guys looking for an everyday hoodie that's outdoorsy tough yet plush inside should check out flannel linings.
  3. Jersey Linings → Jersey-lined men's hoodies offer soft, stretchy comfort while keeping active bodies cool and dry. Jersey is a knit fabric renowned in athletic apparel for its sublime moisture management. The smooth face glides over the skin without abrasion or bunching while the inner loops wick perspiration away. This light, breathable lining moderates temperature so you don't overheat during physical exertion. Yet the hint of insulation still takes the edge off a pre-workout chill. Jersey follows your natural contours and range of motion with ease. It works nicely as a next-to-skin lining for the guy seeking an athletic hoodie that moves with him. Jersey delivers chafe-free comfort that lasts the duration. For hoodies geared for everything from hoops to high-intensity training, jersey linings can't be topped.

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