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Men's Winter Hats

Winter hats are a cold-weather necessity for men. When frigid temperatures arrive, having a good winter hat is crucial to keep your head, ears and neck shielded from icy winds and chill. Men's winter hats come in a variety of styles to suit different needs. Certain design elements make them well-suited for providing warmth and protection during the colder months.  The most important factor of a winter hat is its ability to insulate and retain heat. Natural fibers like wool and cashmere excel at trapping heat while synthetic fabrics like fleece provide affordable warmth. A soft, insulating lining also helps capture body heat inside the hat. Earflaps are great for keeping ears covered and warm. Some winter men’s hats feature fold-down brims, fur ruffs and neck warmers for additional protection. Knit hats tend to be warmer than hats made of tightly woven fabrics. Earflaps, liners and cuffed brims help lock in heat by fully enclosing the ears and crown. The right winter hat keeps you toasty whether commuting to work, waiting at the bus stop, or playing in the snow.


What Kinds Of Winter Hats Are Great For Men?

  • Beanie Hats→ A beanie or knit cap is a winter staple thanks to its easy, versatile style. Beanies come in all different colours and fabrics like wool, acrylic and fleece to trap heat while repelling moisture. They fit snugly over the head and ears with a stretchy brim to retain warmth. Wool-blend beanies provide natural, breathable insulation. Thicker, chunkier knit beanies deliver more warmth for very cold temps. They can be worn casually or dressed up for outdoor winter events. Beanies are great for everyday winter wear.

  • Bomber Hats → Bomber hats have earflaps that button on top and fold down over the ears as needed. The flaps add an extra layer of ear protection and insulation. Bomber hat earflaps are often lined with soft faux fur or shearling fleece for warmth and style. Bomber hats suit activities like skiing and snowboarding where completely covering the ears is important. For comfort and warmth, a bomber hat's crown may feature quilted lining, fleece or faux fur. The fold-down side brims can also double as neck warmers. Bomber hat styles work well with casual to technical winter outerwear.

  • Fisherman Beanies → The fisherman beanie has an extra roomy design that fits looser on the head. The baggy style accommodates thick hair or wearing under a hood. Fisherman beanies are knitted from insulating wool blends. The turned-up brim provides added coverage and warmth for the ears and head. Fisherman beanies project a laidback winter vibe perfect for pairing with hooded jackets, vests and parkas. Their slouchy silhouette makes them a favourite for casual everyday winter wear.

  • Bucket Hats → Bucket hats get reimagined each winter with cosy fabrics and insulating linings. Wide bucket hat brims help seal in heat around the head and ears. Fleece, corduroy and wool bucket hats add stylish warmth to winter looks. For extra insulation, look for plush shearling, wool or faux fur lining. Winter bucket hats have a casual, outdoorsy style while keeping you toasty whether hiking or walking around town.

  • Newsboy Caps → Also known as cabbies or driving hats, newsboy caps have a vintage vibe with modern cold weather performance. Soft wool, tweed and corduroy fabrics keep the newsboy cap head-hugging and insulating. Many feature fleece or faux fur linings for added warmth. The dome-shaped crown and curved brim protect the head from icy winds. Besides providing warmth, newsboy caps instantly add a classic, refined note to winter outfits.

Best Men's Winter Hats - How To Choose?

When winter's frigid temps and biting winds arrive, keeping your head warm is crucial. A quality winter hat makes a big difference in retaining body heat when braving icy conditions. The multitude of hat styles, shapes and materials can make choosing the best winter hat overwhelming. Certain factors and features make some options better suited for optimal cold weather performance. Here are some things that characterise the best men's winter hats:


Durable Water-Resistance

When shopping for winter hats, effective water repellency should be a top priority. Superior cold-weather hats utilise advanced fabric shields and treatments to prevent moisture penetration into the exterior shell and inner lining. Synthetic materials like polyester and nylon couple durability with reliable water resistance thanks to their dense weave structure. However, applying a durable water-repellent (DWR) finish takes wetness protection to the next level. DWR causes water to roll right off the surface rather than absorbing into the fabric. This technology prevents the hat from becoming soaked and losing its warming capabilities in wet snow or sleet. Brands like We Norwegians and Orvis Sporting feature proprietary waterproof-breathable membranes to optimise weather protection. Sealed, fully taped seams add another barrier against moisture intrusion at potential entry points. Natural fabrics can also achieve effective water resistance when tightly woven or treated. Waxed cotton and oiled wool provide weatherproofing along with stylish heritage good looks. Ultimately, the ideal winter hat keeps your dome dry as well as warm when braving the stormy elements. Don't head out into precipitation without the assurance of durable water repellency shielding your lid.


Wind Resistance

The bitter chill of wintry gusts can quickly deflate the warming power of your hat if the wind is allowed to penetrate the exterior and interior lining. Superior cold weather hats integrate strategically placed windproof panels and liners to seal out those icy blasts. Synthetic fleece and softshell fabrics utilise wind-blocking membrane technology similar to technical outerwear pieces. Areas most vulnerable to the wind like ear flaps, neck cuffs and crown seams benefit the most from fortification. Natural wool fabrics also provide effective wind resistance due to wool’s dense, felted properties. Beyond the shell materials, look for hats offering total coverage of ears and neck exposure. Ear flaps with adjustable closures, fold-down neck covers and adjustable drawstrings ensure no gap allows gusts to sneak through. Brands like Canada Goose, Patagonia and Smartwool equip their alpine and snowsport hats with proprietary wind layer construction to protect against bitter winds and prevent heat siphoning. Don’t become a victim of wind chill this winter. Insist on superior wind resistance ratings and reinforced coverage elements before purchasing your next winter hat.


Adaptive Styling

The best men's winter hats provide optimal value and feature adaptable elements you can tailor to match changing weather conditions and activity levels. Versatility ensures you get the most out of your cold-weather topper. For example, flap hats with fold-up or button-down ear covers allow you to seal off that area as needed to retain heat. Short-brim fedoras can have the brims snapped down over ears when wind and cold call for extra protection. Convertible gloves with flip-top fingers and removable finger caps offer adaptable coverage. Hats and gloves with adjustable or removable liners enable temperature regulation as you warm up. Cuff hats worn slouchy during low-output activities and then pulled down tighter for aerobic winter sports prevent overheating. Look for winter accessories with customisable coverage and venting. The best pieces transition effortlessly from casual wear to technical application. Why settle for only one warming mode when an adaptable design allows your hat to morph as conditions and comfort dictate? Seek out versatile winter gear that bends to your specific needs.


Moisture-Wicking Lining

What sits next to your skin makes a dramatic impact on all-day comfort. Winter hat lining manages moisture and regulates temperature so you avoid clammy discomfort. The ideal hat lining both insulates from cold and wicks away accumulated sweat and condensation. Premium hats feature lining materials like fleece, wool, nylon and proprietary polyester blends selected for rapid moisture movement away from your dome. Performance attributes to look for include quick-dry, breathable, anti-odor and sweat-wicking. Fleece linings from brands like Minus33 excel at maintaining comfort during aerobic activities where sweat buildup occurs. Many linings also feature anti-microbial properties to eliminate odour caused by perspiration. Control of moisture buildup paired with soft, insulating lining makes all the difference on a long winter outing. You want a hat that can work hard but still feel good via sweat management and strategic venting. Don't let damp discomfort cause your hat to backfire. Seek out technical linings purpose-built for warm, dry regulation in any condition.


Snug, Secure Fit

When battling the elements, you want headwear that provides an impenetrable seal to lock in heat. A winter hat feeling baggy or loose fails at retaining interior warmth since gaps allow cold air to penetrate. Beanies, caps and other fitted silhouettes rely on a snug fit around the crown and ears to maximise insulation. Look for styles made with flexible knit fabrics containing some amount of elasticity or spandex for a firm yet comfortable feel. The ideal fit hugs your dome just tight enough to seal out cold without feeling restrictive. Many technical winter hat brands like Seirus and Celtek include multiple sizes so you can choose the circumference offering an exact custom fit. For the utmost security, seek out hats with adjustable closure systems. Drawstrings, snap-down flaps and Velcro adjustable tabs ensure your hat stays perfectly positioned. While style plays a role in choosing everyday caps, prioritising well-fitted winter hats goes a long way in optimising cold-weather performance. You want gear that complements your dome like a second skin for maximum thermal retention. Don't suffer diminished warmth due to a loosely fitted hat when a secure, tailored fit takes both comfort and protection to the next level.


Popular Men’s Winter Hat Brands

When investing in a winter hat, it pays to choose a brand known for quality, performance and style. These are some of the top names in men's cold-weather hats:


The North Face Men’s Winter Hats

As a leading outdoor gear and apparel company, The North Face employs cutting-edge technologies and materials to create winter hats ready for mountain adventures. One standout example is the iconic McMurdo parka hat. This ushanka-style aviator hat features a fold-down faux fur brim and earflaps for serious warmth. The water-resistant HyVent outer shell sheds snow and rain while the plush faux-down interior insulation blocks wind and locks in heat. When full coverage isn't needed, the ear flaps can be worn up and secured at the crown via buttons. The North Face also produces more casual knit beanies equipped for cold weather wear. The popular Bones Beanie contains insulating Heatseeker Eco yarn made from recycled fibres along with a double-layer cuff. For lightweight warmth, the Reversible Knit Beanie relies on soft, breathable ThermoBall insulation derived from recycled materials. Bold camo prints and retro colour-blocked designs characterise The North Face's signature aesthetic. Technical elements like moisture-wicking FastDry fabric and windproof WindWall construction optimise winter protection. Whether you're exploring the backcountry or walking city streets, The North Face hats fuse outdoor performance with distinctive modern style.


Patagonia Men’s Winter Hats

As a leader in ethical outdoor apparel, Patagonia’s men's hats for winter utilise sustainably sourced materials without compromising on technical excellence. The lightweight but insulating Fitz Roy Tropos Hat epitomises its eco-conscious mission. Made with traceable, responsibly sourced down insulation, this cap resists both cold temps and precipitation. The DWR finish repels moisture while the interior traps heat and dries quickly even when damp. For more demanding conditions, Patagonia's Snowshot Hat provides maximum protection. The rugged recycled polyester fabric, removable 200-gram down liner and adjustable draw-cord closure seal out the elements. Patagonia also offers classic beanies like the Linked Beanie knitted from moisture-wicking wool with recycled nylon. Many styles feature their signature retro logos and colour blocking inspired by vintage outdoor gear. Fair Trade CertifiedTM sewing practices and traceable down ensure hats are ethically crafted. Patagonia couples next-level sustainability with durable performance to keep winter adventurers comfortable and protected in any environment, frigid or fair. Even casual urban wearers can m


Men’s Beanie Hats

The beanie reigns supreme as the most popular cold-weather headwear. This winter staple combines ease of styling with reliable warmth. Beanies come in all different fabrics, colours and silhouettes to complement any guy's taste. Their casual, laidback vibe makes them a favourite year after year. Here's a look at what defines the classic men's knit beanie along with different styling options:


Slouchy Beanie Hats

The slouch or slouch-fit beanie exudes a relaxed, casual vibe with its intentional oversized shape. This style makes no effort to cling tightly to the contours of the head. Instead, a slouchy beanie features a baggy, slouched crown that sits loosely on top of the head. The ribbed brim extends down past the ears at a slant to enhance the laidback look. Slouchy beanies project a carefree, relaxed attitude perfect for weekends and downtime. Wool, cotton and acrylic knits work well for this cosy style. While a slouch beanie needs to feel roomy, make sure to choose a knit fabric with some natural elasticity so the hat doesn’t sag down over your eyes or slip off entirely. Slouchier styles look best in solid, neutral colours or simple patterns since loud designs might overwhelm the already oversized proportions. Wear a slouchy beanie paired with casual layers like hoodies, denim and sneakers. The casual crown fits right in with relaxed outfits. While close-fitting beanies mould to the head’s shape, the slouch beanie marches to the beat of its drum. The deliberate roominess allows you to wrap your dome in cosy softness perfect for everything from walking the dog on a brisk morning to lounging fireside with cocoa. Embrace the slouch!


Cuffed Beanie Hats

The cuffed or turned-up brim gives the classic beanie its quintessential silhouette. Unlike slouchy styles, cuffed beanies fit snugly on the head with a folded brim that hugs the forehead and top of the ears. The stretchy knit construction conforms closely to create a head-skimming profile. The snug fit paired with the cuff fully encloses the crown for optimal warmth retention. Acrylic, wool blend, and cotton yarns make great cuff beanie materials. Ribbed knits add depth and visual interest to this fitted staple. Cuffed beanies come in endless colours but black, grey, navy and heathered hues make the most versatile choices for everyday wear. The defined band and upright folded brim give this beanie its structure. Yet the flexible knit fabric still allows easy pulling on and off. For chillier weather, look for a cuff beanie featuring a plush fleece lining for extra insulation and cosiness. The cuffed beanie delivers a timeless casual style perfect for layering with jackets, vests and hoodies. Keep your look classic by matching neutrals or go bold by pairing a colour-blocked cuff beanie with equally vibrant outerwear pieces. Top off your cold-weather look with the snug, iconic fit of a folded-brim beanie.


Short Beanie Hats

Guys looking for lighter coverage can opt for a short beanie hitting right at the crown of the head. Short beanies leave the ears, forehead and nape of the neck exposed. This minimalist silhouette works well as transitional outerwear when the temperature begins to decline into the 50s Fahrenheit. Short beanies add warmth without feeling overly insulating during more moderate cold snaps. Wool, cotton, acrylic and nylon suit this cropped construction. Choose a knit fabric with some thickness and density for warmth balanced with breathable lightness. Neutrals like black, grey and navy make the most versatile short beanie choices. But the truncated length also provides an easy way to make a subtle colour statement. Look for short beanies in camel, burgundy, mustard or forest green for an eye-catching accent. The shorter length allows the texture and colour of the knit to stand out. Pair a colourful short beanie with sleek leather gloves, a bomber jacket and a scarf for pops of contrast. For brisk morning commutes or taking the dog on a winter walk, the short beanie supplies warmth minus bulk.


Pom Beanie Hats

Who says beanies can't show off some personality? Pom-pom beanies emerge as a fun variation on the casual staple. Perched on the crown, these fuzzy pom balls add decorative flair and dimension. Pom-poms range from petite accent poms to extra-large statement pieces. This whimsical detail transforms a basic beanie into an accessory for self-expression. Knit pom-pom hats come in a spectrum of colours to match every personality. Choose a black beanie with an explosion of rainbow pom strands for a cheeky style statement. Warm up a neutral grey or navy beanie with a pop of sherbet orange, lime green or fuchsia pom-pom trim. Even basic beanies get an infusion of playful spirit from this textural embellishment. Pom beanies pair perfectly with youthful casual winter layers. Allow this fun adornment to showcase your cheerful side this winter.


Patterned Beanie Hats

While many beanies come in solid colours, others feature eye-catching patterns and textures. Nordic-inspired styles incorporate Fair Isle colourwork and geometric jacquard knit patterns. Chunky ribbed and cable knits provide visual depth through stitch variations. Ombré dip-dyed and color block beanies blend tonal colour gradients and stark colour contrasts. There are no rules - embrace beanies showing off plaids, stripes, space dyes and other bold designs. Graphic beanies printed with artwork, logos and phrases allow you to make a statement. Patterned beanies add a punch of self-expression to your winter accessories lineup. Let the beanie reflect your distinctive aesthetic. Whether muted earth tones or neon brights, patterns and textures give basic knit beanies more flair. Printed beanies look especially cool styled with otherwise neutral winter layers. Make your winter hat a focal point instead of an afterthought by playing up dynamic textures and prints.


Beanie Materials

When selecting materials, consider warmth, comfort and durability. Wool beanies offer natural temperature regulation, moisture wicking and long-term durability. Look for wool blended with alpaca, cashmere or angora for extra plush softness. Acrylic approaches wool’s warmth at a lower cost while being easy to care for. Fleece and sherpa linings add plush insulation and next-to-skin comfort. Cotton provides breathability for milder temperatures. Nylon contributes moisture protection and wind resistance. Match beanie material to your climate and care preferences. A wool-acrylic blend gives you the best of both worlds. Top-notch brands like Carhartt, Patagonia and Topo Designs offer beanies that blend technical performance with everyday wearability. Feel good while staying warm by selecting a fabric aligned with your priorities. Eventually, your trusty beanie becomes like a second skin - make sure it's a comfortable one!


Choosing Winter Hat Materials

A hat's outer material impacts both its warmth and aesthetic. Certain fabrics are better at blocking wind and retaining heat than others. The lining also affects the hat's insulation and comfort. Here are some top material options for winter hats:

  • Wool → Wool reigns supreme when it comes to winter hat materials for its natural warmth and moisture resistance. A wool hat keeps your head dry and well-insulated. Wool also blocks wind better than many synthetic fabrics. From knit beanies to classic earflap hats, wool is a top choice for cold-weather headwear. Merino wool and wool blends provide warmth with soft, non-itchy comfort.

  • Fleece → Available in different thicknesses and pile depths, fleece has excellent insulating properties. A winter hat lined with plush microfleece or sherpa fleece keeps the head extra warm and cosy. Fleece also wicks moisture to prevent overheating. It's a popular lining material for beanies, bomber hats and other cold-weather styles. Some winter hats also use fleece as an exterior shell for softness and warmth.

  • Acrylic → Acrylic is a synthetic material that mimics the attributes of wool. It resists moisture, dries quickly and provides warmth similar to wool. Acrylic winter hats are also machine washable. While not as breathable as natural fibres, acrylic is an affordable alternative to wool. It's frequently used to make inexpensive beanies and casual knit hats.

  • Corduroy → Known for its distinct ridged texture, corduroy provides warmth along with style. Corduroy hats are durable, snug and washable. The thick cotton fabric repels moisture while retaining heat around the head and ears. Corduroy bucket hats and newsboy caps add a vintage flair to winter outfits.

  • Shearling → Shearling refers to a sheepskin or lambskin pelt that has been sheared. This leaves a suede exterior and a soft, woolly interior. Real shearling delivers luxurious warmth and wind protection. Synthetic shearling like faux fur is a more affordable alternative. Winter earflaps, bomber hats and bucket hats often use plush shearling lining. The faux fur provides insulation and a stylish flair.


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