Teva sprung into life in 1984 when a young Grand Canyon river guide created the world’s first sports sandal. This revolutionised the footwear industry and Teva has been going from strength to strength ever since.

Teva have an obsession about water and the paradox it presents. On the one side it offers a global playground, and on the other, a difficult to deal with obstacle. Teva want you to play in water, and protect you from it so that you can.

This video follows adventure photographer Chris Burkard as he sets out to create a trail, not follow a path. This sense of adventure lives on in Teva footwear today.

Tevasphere, exclusive to Cotswold Outdoor!

This season sees the launch of Tevasphere exclusive to Cotswold Outdoor. A spherical heel offers a more natural point of impact while the stability pods provide better support which is ideal for tougher terrain. 4 years in developments with extensive testing has created a trail running shoe that is truly unique.