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Designed primarily for footwear with a removable insole, the Green Footbeds provide maximum support and shock absorption. They are ideal for medium to high volume footwear for a range of activities from running shoes and hiking boots to skiing and snowboarding boots.

The three keys to every Superfeet footbed are a structured heel cup, which encapsulates and positions the soft tissue directly under your heel which helps to maximise the natural sock absorption in your feet. The rear foot support, which you can sometimes feel towards the back of your arch and the front of your heel, which helps to stabilise your foot reducing the chance of fatigue throughout the day. Finally there is the firm foam stabiliser cap and subsequent layer which combine to create the supportive shape that superfeet are famous for.

Suitable for vegans and free of latex, nickel sulfate, formaldehyde and preservatives.

Superfeet footbeds are most effective when fitted to the shape as well as the size of your foot. If you are unsure, visit one of our stores and a bootfitting expert there will be happy to advise you.

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Product Features

  • High profile, high volume footbed
  • Organic odour control coating
  • High density foam for lightweight, long lasting comfort
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Free of latex, nickel sulfate, formaldehyde and preservatives

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11 Customer reviews for this product

Like walking on cloud
Reviewed By Ana M, 10 May 2015

After yrs of walking, started with painful toes and balls of feet - particularly with new boots (4 years ago). After much research & advice, identified that problem was high arches (not super high). Replaced boot insoles with these - can now walk 12 - 15 miles 2/3 times per week without tiredness or pain - magic.



Great green feet!
Reviewed By Colin, 10 Feb 2015

Looking forward to next long walks with new soles having taken advice from excellent staff.No more aching knees.



True revelation
Reviewed By Adela , 06 Jul 2014

First of all I was impressed with the professionalism of the employees. I finally found the answer to my constant sores when hiking. The insoles fit in all my boots an I still cannot believe the pain is gone.



Reviewed By Eric, 27 Sep 2012

These insoles are worth their weight in gold!
Having walked many a mile every day of my life (the furthest in a single day was fourty nine miles.) and carried heavy weights.... (mainly me) I develpoed really sore heels (plantar fascitis). These insoles in Scarpa Rangers have helped me continue through it to a near painless state! I feel I could do the long day again!
I repeat myself, get measured and see their worth!!



Improve foot posture
Reviewed By Helen, 07 Sep 2012

These rather expensive inner soles actually do the trick. Although they're a bit strange at first, my feet do feel much more comfortable after a 10 mile walk. I no longer have a sore toe and my feet aren't constantly sliding around in my boots. I would definitely recommend these to anyone with problem feet.



Worth every penny!
Reviewed By Sarah, 22 Aug 2012

I cannot believe the difference these make to the comfort of my feet! My hiking boots fit better than ever and I can walk for longer thanks to the support they give my feet, and the way they correct my over-pronation; I've also got a pair for my trainers which I use in the gym and out jogging.
I wouldn't have bought them without the fitting advice of the Cotswold assistant - having never worn orthotics I didn't know what to expect and what I thought was the wrong shape was in fact the necessary arch support. I'm glad I followed his advice!



Eight years in Superfeet Green
Reviewed By Robert, 21 Jul 2012

I was given my first pair of Superfeet Green but soon realised my heal is very wide and I went up a size to G for size 11 feet.
I trim them to fit and shave the contour down on the off side of the heal, then take off the tab under the first met head of the big toe to make a cup and trim back 40% of the others so that my foot does not lengthen and shorten with my stride and so my arches are arched and I never get blisters.
I transfer them to whatever I am wearing and in eight years I have not gone without them.
I have customised and perfected my trim to fit; the title says it all.



What a difference!! Such comfort!
Reviewed By Karen, 24 Jan 2012

I cannot believe what a difference these inserts made in my Scarpa boots. They completely support your feet and make a huge difference to my knees and hips. I guess having proper supports under my arches really helps! I am looking to get some more to use in other shoes now.



A relief for aching feet!
Reviewed By Francis, 30 Jul 2011

My daughter suffers from fallen arches on both feet and consequently a lot of aches and pains when she walks any distance. We got some brilliant advice from a member of staff at Cotswold, and we decided to try the Superfeet black first. They are less intrusive on your feet, but really help support the arch, and because they are fairly thin, they fit in the shoe without restricting movement. This has really helped her to start to walk properly, and hopefully will give her shoes a longer life!



An extra bit of comfort
Reviewed By , 23 Jun 2011

I bought these with my new boots, having worn the boots with the original footbeds I can say hand on heart that these make a big difference particularly over long milage or multi day walks.



Correction and comfort in one
Reviewed By Gina, 20 Mar 2011

I walk slightly 'toes in' and these are what the staff member recommended. Sceptical at first he persuaded me, and if I could afford it I would put a pair in all the shoes I own. They make old shoes feel new, are so comfortable and correct minor 'foot issues'. They support my high instep, but with different shapes and styles they have ones to suit all.