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definite must-have
Reviewed By Suzanne, 19 Sep 2013

Now that I have these trousers, I cannot recall how I could possibly do without them - and I'm notoriously not an easy one to please.

How they won me over traditional trekking trousers?
They are very flexible, but keep their original shape regardless of the amount of flexing/stretching you put them through;
They are very light - they get washed and dry quickly;
They are warm, but let your legs breathe;
They are cosy (I particularly like the fleece feeling in the pockets and inside the belt!!), but incredibly hard-wearing;
They look fab! Not only for hard-core trekking but also to go buy milk in the cold/ rain/ cold rain - they actually look feminine, while active (not like a waterproof plastic bag)

How they won me over other soft-shell trekking trousers?
I guess it's all down to personal choice and how trousers hug your body shape... But they were a perfect fit for me - and perfect length too, which is not negligible (I've got long legs).
I also liked the simple look about them: No fancy coloured zips across your legs and bum that end up making you look like a character straight from a futuristic cartoon.

Apart from on my regular cycle rides up and down the Downs, I've worn them in Snowdonia and am taking them with me to Iceland next week :) A definite thumbs up!



Excellent fit and comfort
Reviewed By Lorraine, 19 Jun 2013

Perfect fit 16L and very comfortable for trekking. I have now purchased another pair. They dry quickly.



Trousers to 'Go' !!
Reviewed By , 19 Oct 2011

These trousers are 'by far the greatest light weight, waterproof most 'comfortable trousers I have recently bought. They are so versatile, I've worn them for 'camping', dog walking, cycling and hill climing, although stretch theyre very durable and 'don't snag easily as do some of my other light weights, and they're 'warm in colder climates yet cool in summer! they 'move with me rather than 'around me', so easy to wear - 'I love em!!

Fabulous purchase, and dry within a couple of hours when washed,and if 'folded well whilst wet- 'no iron needed'.