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It even tells the time!
Reviewed By Robert, 05 Mar 2013

I am a runner, hiker, climber, cyclist-I live for the outdoors. This watch could not be better suited. It is the perfect companion for any activity.
I bought this product over half a year ago and am still fascinated with it and I keep discovering new things about it. Its quite large and bulky but this adds to the ease of use and clarity of the display and doesn't distract from its stylish looks. So far it has been durable and reliable I never leave the house to enjoy the outdoors without it. It has enabled me to track my fitness progress and aid my training with its interval timer and data it gives me during training e.g. heart rate, speed etc. When hiking it aids navigation by pointing you in the right direction using its internal GPS and also tells you how high you are and how far you have come.
The navigation feature is really handy. You can log places you have been, mountains you have climbed or pre set a place you want to visit. It will then direct you using its 3D compass and GPS. Or it could simply give you your location. You could never get lost!
The watch can be personalised to nearly every extent. It uses pre-programmed information such as age, weight and height to calculate calories consumed, target heart rates and 'peak training effect' (how beneficial your last training exercise has been). For each exercise you do, you can change the display, for each type of exercise you can have 8 different screens which you can toggle between during the session. These could be one, two or three nuggets of information such as time, speed, heart rate. Or perhaps just a graph of altitude (which is accurate to 1m by the way!) or heart rate. Its up to you.
It comes with a heart-rate monitor which wirelessly connects and is seemingly-accurate with an easily replaceable battery (not that I have had to do it yet!). You can also purchase extra POD's for it to connect to, such as a bike cadence monitor or speed distance monitor-these increase battery life as it does not require the GPS of the watch to be on.
So what do you do with all this information? It gets downloaded via USB to an online network-'Movescout' which can be made public. A place where you can review and track progress for fitness purposes or navigation, or whatever really. You can compare with other Suunto users and share routes and training programs. You can also add 'apps' to the watch which are consumer made and give you extra information whilst doing your activity e.g. 'what would my half marathon time be?' or ‘how many beers have a burnt off!’
Suunto have also kindly enabled an update feature. This means that the watch is continually improving and gaining new features.
The watch charges by USB. This can be plugged into the wall or laptop. I use standard mains-to USB converter which I had for my IPOD. The battery life has so far always been sufficient for my activities this included a two day exped. where I had it on for 8 hours both days.
Although I have not tried any of the watches competitors, I have no desire to. This does everything I could ever ask of a watch and more. If you are thinking of getting a convenient GPS or a training aid (or something to tell the time!) Then buy this watch. Its pricey. But worth every penny.