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The Garmin Fenix GPS Watch guides you with confidence through demanding mountain environments. It combines Garmin's comprehensive GPS navigation with an altimeter, a barometer and a three-axis electronic compass.

You can navigate to coordinates, along a track or route, toward waypoints or along any other selected bearing. You can mark up to 1,000 waypoints to follow and the watch will record up to 10,000 trackpoints. The TracBack function guides you back along your trackpoints so you can easily find your way back to your starting point even in difficult conditions.

The built-in altimeter provides elevation data to accurately monitor ascent and descent, while the barometer can be used to predict weather changes by showing short-term trends in air pressure. The three-axis electronic compass keeps your bearing whether you’re moving or not.

On top of the navigational aids, the Fenix allows you to monitor your athletic performance. It tracks your distance, time and pace, and it can be used with Garmin's Heart Rate Monitor for heart rate information, their Speed/Cadence Bike Sensor for speed and cadence while on a bike, their Foot Pod for distance, speed and cadence when running indoors or on a treadmill, and their Tempe sensor to measure ambient temperature. All of these sensors communicate wirelessly with the watch.

Using the Garmin BaseCamp website and the BaseCamp Mobile app, you can upload and analyse the data recorded by the watch, and share it with your friends and family. You can also view maps, plan routes, mark waypoints, and then download them to your device.

Rugged and stylish, the Fenix is also a functional timepiece, as comfortable in the city as it is off the beaten track. The casing is also waterproof to a depth of 50m.

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Product Features

  • Navigation functions: GPS location, route planning and tracking, electronic compass, barometer, altimeter
  • Watch functions: Time, date, alarm, timer, chronograph, chimes and vibration.
  • Fitness functions: Distance, time, pace, laps, heart rate (sensor required), cadence (sensor required)
  • Waterproof (50m)
  • Display: LCD monochrome
  • Display diameter: 3.1cm
  • Display resolution: 70 x 70px
  • Size: 4.9 x 4.9 x 1.7cm
  • Weight: 82g
  • Battery: Lithium-ion rechargeable
  • Battery life:
    • GPS mode: Up to 50hrs
    • Sensor mode: Up to 3wks
    • Watch mode: Up to 5wks
  • Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth, ANT+
  • Included:
    • USB interface/charging cable
    • AC adapter

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8 Customer reviews for this product

not a bad watch/gps
Reviewed By Dave, 26 Apr 2013

have the timex gps watch which is good the Fenix appears to be better and easy to use not had the oppertunity to test it in the mountains as yet
using the mappping app with the watch seems to work well ill be able to give a better assesment on the watch once im fit to get back into the mountains but so far appears to be user friendly Ill see



Good GPS - Thats about all that is good about it!!
Reviewed By daniel, 10 Feb 2013

This watch like all other Garmin watches has a very accurate and fast locating GPS, but lacks the robustness.
Garmin call this a "mountaineering watch" i wonder if they have ever taken it up a mountain because if they had they would have realised that it doesnt perform!!!!
The main issue is that the first time i went out in the cold with it the screen fogged up then water condensed on the inside of the screen, which leads me to assume it is not moisture proof and wouldnt last too much longer so i sent it back.
Another problem is that the big red button on the side is far too easy to push by accident when climbing or skiing or taking your back pack off or wiping your ass for that matter!!! This button stops/starts the GPS which as you can see is a major problem, firstly you can start the GPS by accident and go shopping, secondly you can stop recording your track which would then mean you couldnt use the "Trackback" feature which i have no doubt is excellent.
Also all the other buttons have strange GPS shortcuts which can accidently be activated - see above for problems this can cause!!
On a plus side this watch has an excellent backlight which is fully adjustable - woop-de-du. And the alarm (vibrate and tone!!!) feature is very good for a watch - similar to a mobile phone alarm system (I would just use my mobile though).
I wouldnt trust this product as far as i could throw it and anyone going into the mountains relying on this as a GPS is a lunatic!



Effective and Stylish
Reviewed By Rizwan, 11 Nov 2012

This is one of the best GPS wrist watch, lightweight, stylish and pack with load of features, gps signals are very fast and accurate, different accessories are also worth trying,

also connect with iPhone base camp app

really worth buying it



Garmin Connect now works with Fenix!
Reviewed By Stuart, 14 Oct 2012

Version 2.7 of the Fenix firmware allows you you both analyise and plan courses (aka trails) on garminconnect (which has reasonable street mapping but not OS) and then send to the fenix. Woks best in chrome, IE dosent always recognise the fenix as an export location. Great step in the right direction for Garmin. 2.7 also sees other forerunner type features. 5/5 for new software.



Best Watch I Have Ever Bought
Reviewed By John, 25 Sep 2012

If you want a watch that is also a GPS, or a GPS that is also a watch then this is for you. Garmin are known for their great GPS products and this is no exception. I've had the watch now for a couple of weeks and am still finding new features. The manual is handy if you know what you are talking about but beginners may need more help. As someone else has mentioned, the basecamp software is surprisingly bad - if you can find an alternative then do so.
I haven't measured the start up time of the GPS but it seems quick in clear skies. It does sometimes show a symbol on the screen when moving between menus, I assume this is showing that it is busy. The pauses are only ever a couple of seconds at most. The accuracy of the GPS is fantastic, I did a 120 journey in the car and returned. It didn't loose the signal once and when loaded on Google earth was almost spot on the roads. Also the battery life is remarkable for such a small GPS device. I did the 240 mile journey with GPS on and had it watch mode all weekend and it was still at >60% charge.
In all I would recommend this watch to anyone who is seriously interested in using the GPS and ABC functions. They are accurate and quick and the battery life is great. Just steer clear of basecamp until Garmin do something about it (if they do)!



Great Navigation device
Reviewed By Stuart, 21 Sep 2012

Ive baught this to replace a forerunner 910Xt. While apparently similar specs the fenix is from a different part of the garmin family and is more navigation than fitness focused. Seems to be accurate and very customisable (which is a pain while the instructions are a bit vague) but worth the effort. Only downside so far is route planning. While you can use garminconnect to analyse activity you (currently) cant use it to plan trips. Using the suggested base camp to do this is useless withe the base map and so you either need to buy a map pack (which you can't use on the device) or use something like to plan a route and save the .gpx file via a pc. Not as slick as a forerunner with garminconnect but fine when you get the hang of it. Shame that one has to rely on a third party web site to make the kit work when garmin offer this free with other units. Come on garmin add the fenix to the connect compatibility list! Rated 4 (rather than 5) for this reason only.



It works!
Reviewed By Mark, 11 Sep 2012

Picks up a GPS signal in 30 seconds, fully usable with nice clear display. I measured it against my Garmin 62ST and the accuracy was the same. I like the compass feature, very easy to calibrate. Light to wear and not obtrusively big. So far, very pleased.



Really nice bit of kit!
Reviewed By John, 10 Sep 2012

Looking forward to using this watch properly though I must admot, getting on top of the profiles and stuff, is pretty complicated! Am hoping there will be some more instruction on YouTube in the coming weeks as I don't feel the downloadable manual is really up to the job. This however does not detract from how impressed I am with my latest purchase. Recommended.



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