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great rucksack
Reviewed By John, 25 Jul 2013

great value, and quality. Well designed and manufactured. Very versatile.



The usual Osprey excellence
Reviewed By Neil, 27 May 2013

This is the best rucksack I've owned. Most importantly, it's very comfortable and unobtrusive to wear. The straps have just the right amount of padding, and everything is very adjustable.

The size makes it very versatile. It's big enough for long day hikes or lightweight overnights, but it can be compressed using the straps when you're carrying a bit less. As usual, Osprey have added plenty of useful pockets and attachment points. The highlight for me is the stow-on-the-go system, which I use to hold my walking poles if I need my hands free, or when I'm walking along a road.

It's well made and robust. The fabric the stretch pockets are made of might feel flimsy, but is actually very strong.

This sack is the one I end up using for almost all my walking, so it was worth the investment.



Fantastic Rucksack, Just does everything well
Reviewed By Euan, 20 Apr 2013

I purchased this pack about a year ago and since then it has been on just about every outing I've been on. Its size is perfect for anyone looking to own only one rucksack. For summer day trips it can be compressed down to a surprisingly small size with the compression straps (placed so the side pockets can still be used). At the other end it can be filled with enough stuff for a several day long walk in winter conditions at a fairly comfortable level of living.
The material feels solid and I have no fears scraping it of rocks while scrambling or taking the occasional slide down a snow slope. All zips are attached to large toggles so they can be used while wearing gloves, other manufactures could pay attention here… As usual all straps and webbing is double the length they need to be which is very helpful when tying things on and adjusting. I have must admit to never having used the trekking pole storage thingy things, but I can imagine they are most useful if crossing between terrain where poles are often required and then unwanted. I use the ice axe loops for this purpose during summer and don’t carry poles in the winter months.
Once you open the pack there is a webbed pocket on the underside of the brain useful for carrying wallet, mobile phone etc. The main pocket is accessible from the top and the bottom, with an optional divider two thirds of the way down. I use this on multiple day walks to keep the sleeping bag and spare clothes separate from things I will want on that days walking. On the outside there are three webbed pockets, two side and one large frontal one. Underneath this is the rain cover and cord for attaching sleeping mats or small tents. The front of the rucksack has the hydration pouch, usefully on the outside so you don’t have to unpack to refill water. The main straps have elasticated bands for routing water tubes and a chest strap. Each hip strap has a large zipped pocket that will carry a surprising amount of anything you want to access without taking off the bag.
When it comes to fit I find the bag performs superbly, the shoulder straps are very well padded and the slight curve in the bag means most of the weight sits on your hips, not on your shoulders. It works so well you can tighten the hip straps up and remove the shoulder straps and the bag almost stays upright! The ventilation system is nothing special, but since all of them fail to prevent a sweaty back I cannot really fault this one in particular.
Lastly a few minor things. The fabric cleans up really well, when it comes home covered in mud or dirt just wipe it over with a damp cloth and it looks as good as new. The Storage in the brain is a tad smaller than I would like and the zip location is a tad awkward but not terrible.
All in all it is a spectacular good pack you will not regret buying, it’s ability to cover everything from a quick jaunt up your local hill to a multi-day winter expedition makes it well worth the very reasonable asking price.



Great rucksack for tall people!
Reviewed By Mieczyslaw, 24 Feb 2013

I've just returned from the whole weekend hiking in the New Forest National Park where I tested my new blue Kestrel 38. The most important feature is the Large size - with my 186cm I had all the parts of the rucksack on my body in the right place - it is the first time when I've found relatively small rucksack (38l) which fits me.

In terms of pockets it is slightly different from many others, e.g. it does not have many outside pockets. However, even without them it is fully functional. Pocket for rain cover may be used as well as additional pocket. Top pocket overlaps the rucksack well.

I like the functionality inside - one can easily decide if he wants to have two compartment or just one with a special 'pocket' opened or closed.

The space for water 'supply' was designed outside what is an advantage when somebody wants to replace the bag with fresh water.

The side pockets are deep enough to keep flasks and 1.75l plastic bottles.

The price is not small but the comfort is really worth it!

Last but not least I really like the blue :)