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Geat boot on a great offer
Reviewed By Georgios, 02 Apr 2013

The boots are very well made. I tested them a full day in rain and snowing at temperature close to zero. They are very light, soft and comfortable to the feet and warm enough. They are absolutly waterproof and breathable. After wearing them for a hole day of intense activity with socks from Trekker my feet were totaly dry of sweat. They have good grip on soil, grass, mud. They lock the ankle enough to prevent injuries but not too much to make movement difficult.
There is only one part that seems to be a flaw in the design. As you tight the laces (and I like my boots firmly tighten) the fold that is made by the edge of the tongue (where it connects to the rest of the shoe to be waterproof) is pressing against the bone above the ankle. It coused me severe pain,on both feet, after some hours of cycling forcing me to let looser the laces. I can feel the fold when walking but didn't couse me any pain. I haven't tried the boots on multi hour walking-trekking yet though. So, I'm not sure if the same problem occurs again. It's shame becouse this is a very good boot. I will solve it by adding cushion to the area since I used them and can't return them. I suggest use them indoor for a few days to check if the same occurs to you. Other than that, this is a great product in a very good offer.