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Reviewed By Roslyn, 01 Apr 2014

I admit to being sceptical of all the claims about Icebreaker clothing - keeps you cool, keeps you warm, no smell no matter what, wears well, feels good to wear, and so on - but having tested this tee over the last few months I mostly agree with those claims. I have worn this tee as a normal t-shirt, days on end while travelling, and on a strenuous day hike, thrown it in the wash with everything else, crumpled it up, and it still looks fine, feels soft (so soft someone didn't believe it was merino wool), and of course doesn't smell. This tee shirt is very light and it also dries quickly which is great for hiking when you sweat. A couple of specific points: the colour I have, Azalea, is gorgeous but most Icebreaker clothes (the lighter weights, not the heavy weights) tend to be just a little bit sheer so you'd want a skin coloured bra under this. I like the scoop neck, much more flattering than the normal tee shirt, and the fit is not very tight which is my preference, so it looks good too. All things considered this is a winner, and has converted me to merino, which is bad for the short-term bank balance but good for the long-term travel lifestyle.