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A neat and simple idea, brilliantly executed: the ingenious Woodgas stove efficiently and cleanly burns natural fuel, cleverly channeling excess heat to fan the flames.

The Wild Woodgas Stove is basically a double-walled chimney. A fire is lit in a basket just above the base, which draws air in through the vents around the bottom: similar to a traditional brazier. The big difference is the double walls and a second set of vent holes which open out into the top of the chimney, just below where your pan or mug will sit. The air within the steel walls gets very hot, shooting up and out of the upper vent holes, causing the gas released from the burning wood to combust fiercely and heat your kettle.

This all results in a very hot, clean burn, producing less soot, smoke and carbon monoxide than traditional fires. As the fuel is wood that you pick up while you're out and about, it's pretty much free to run. Because of the cunning way the vents are designed to recycle the heat from the fire, you get even more out of your fuel: even better value than free! Unlike stoves which use battery operated fans to enhance the flames, the Woodgas Stove just needs hot air to rise, so you never need to worry about running out of battery power.

As well as the clever principle of using rising heat, the rest of the Wild Woodgas Stove is pretty cleverly designed too. The simple pot supports will hold a variety of pans, from bigger pots and kettles down to individual mugs. As well as wood, it works well with hexamine solid-fuel tablets or spirit burners for extra versatility (or for when you know there won't be a ready supply of wood).

When you're finished, it comes easily apart and slots together into itself, resulting in a small, light metal cyclinder which will pack into an average sized camping billy can. Brilliant.

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Product Features

  • Weight: 280g
  • Dimensions:
    • Diameter: 13.6cm (base), 12.5cm (top), 10.3cm (internal)
    • Height: 17.5cm (assembled), 6.6cm (packed)
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Folding pot supports
  • Burns wood, solid fuel tablets or meths (with addition of spirit burner, not included)
  • Stuff sack

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2 Customer reviews for this product

Useful Kit
Reviewed By Chris, 20 May 2014

Can easily heat litre of water
Great for brew breaks on hikes literally runs on twigs : does need constant feeding to maintain the woodgas jets ~ note you will spend a fair amount of time breaking down larger sticks though. I Use this as a companion to Trangia style spirit stove (excellent windshield)& only use the spirit stove if lacking twigs / sticks : Bit pricey but does & will get used often



Best lightweight camping stove.
Reviewed By Jack, 13 Jul 2013

The wild woodgas stove must be one of the best light weight stove for camping and backpacking.
I went in the store to buy the bio-light stove made by the same company, wild Stoves. when i found it. It was very heavy and didn't pack down well leaving a copper pipe, sticking out from the top.Not great for back packing.
when I saw both the wild woodgas stove and the
bio-lite together so i could compare them, the wild woodgas stove was much more compact lightweight and looked more durable for £100 less than the
bio-light. later that day I set it up with sticks and paper and lit it. the heat from the little stove was so great you could feel it from about 1 meter away. its cleverly designed to circulate the oxygen around the fuel.